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Print Layout Generator

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Print Layout Generator - Utilities Actions

Print Layout Generator is a system designed to make the layout creation in Photoshop as streamlined as possible.

Instead of creating a small number of premade layouts, PLG helps you create your own customized layouts.

PLG includes 99 actions that you can mix and match to obtain and generate hundreds of layouts in just a few clicks.

In addition to that, PLG also includes 24 actions designed to speed up even further the layout creation.

Package contents:

  1. psd file
  2. 123 actions
  3. professional pdf manual
  4. catalog of the results of the actions in png format

PLG is a system for layout design composed of a psd file and 123 atn actions.

The actions are designed to be played in the psd file.

The psd file is an A4 document (8.268×11.693 inches or 21×29.7 cm) with 3mm bleed in CMYK color space at 300 dpi.

After you have completed the layout, you can change the document to any size, and the layout will fit, because the elements are all vector paths.

The document is divided into 12 columns and 12 rows with a gutter between each division.

This is the grid on which the actions are played. Think of it as the structure of the layout.

The actions are divided into 10 action sets:

  1. 4 action sets that construct the layout from top to bottom or from bottom to top
  2. 4 action sets that construct the layout from left to right or from right to left
  3. 1 action set that is designed to complement the other layout construction methods
  4. 1 action set containing actions that give you the possibility to add and modify divisions in a different way than the actions that are contained in the other layer sets and some actions that modify the whole layout after it has been created

You can use Print Layout Generator to create:

  1. print layouts
  2. photo album layouts
  3. presentation layouts
  4. catalog layouts
  5. brochure layouts
  6. flyer layouts
  7. poster layouts
  8. business card layouts
  9. book layouts
  10. marketing material layouts
  11. stationery layouts
  12. newsletter layouts
  13. magazine layouts
  14. menu layouts
  15. tables

Or any other design related layout very fast and easy.