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Very well done Badhon :)

Thanks Mike. :)

Great mock-up! bookmarked :)

thanks u are awesome :)

Wow, really nice!

thank you so much MikeMoloney

Congrats with approved! Great item! ;)

thanks djjeep. :sunglasses:

Great work, just bought it! Is it possible to change the depth of field, or change the area to be in focus? I’m sitting with the first example now and would love to change the focus but can’t really find the proper way.

thank you so much for your excellent comment one16, i appreciate it. its quite simple actually, just take the brash and edit the layer mask, but i am sure it will cost you a good 15 minutes.. good luck.

@Graphcoder Thank you so much for answering! I really should’ve been able to figure that out by myself :D Those 15 minutes will be well spent, thank you again for a fantastic item!

I am very happy with these mock-ups! It takes a bit of work if you want to customize them slightly, but they’ve been built in a way that you CAN do it.

Gets my full recommendation, if you’re thinking about it, you should buy this pack!

is the back of the letterhead is editable with smart object? the one with the fly on the front

thank you

hie modernismhongkong, yes you can make changes in the back of that specific(fly ) mock-up.