Professional Clean Corporate Identity Package

Professional Clean Corporate Identity Package

Impress your clients with a professional designed stationary layout. Increase your sale rates and show your professional skills. You wont believe, how mutch a well designed letter can achieve. With this Stationary Design your ready to get in touch with your clients and show them, that you love what you do.

In this Package you will find:.

  • 1x DIN A4 Letterhead (Front & Back)
  • 1x DIN A4 Invoice(Front & Back)
  • 1×3.5×2 Inches Businesscard (Front & Back)
  • 1x Half-DIN A5 Compliment Card (Front & Back)
  • 1x DIN C5 Envelope
  • 1x DIN Long Envelope
  • 1x CD/DVD Cover (Double Sided)
  • 1x CD/DVD Label Standard Size
  • 1x Presentation Folder with Bleed and Die-Cutting shape (like the preview)
  • All Logoelements
  • Support

For the highest print quality, it’s all made up of vectorgraphics, so that you can print it in 300,
400 or even in 600 DPI (If you really need this high resolutions). You can make your change,like the colors, Text and the DPI (If you need a higher/lower DPI as 300) and your ready for printing. You will find fully organized Illustrator- and  EPS-Files.


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Adobe Caslon Pro (Part of the Adobe Creative Suite)


Open the Files in Illustrator. Keep in Mind, there is a Bleedrange at Artboart with a size of 0.125 Inch to obtain a perfect cutting result in the end. I highly recommend to print it by a professional print service for the best results.

All elements can be easily edited by clicking on them. To obtain a clear structure, some Elements are Grouped togeter. Just double-click on the objects to isolate the group and edit the element you want.

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