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I’m using Photoshop and it’s easy to change the color using the Hue slider, but when I do, it also changes the hue of my photo. How do I keep my photo from being affected?

Sorry, I’m new to Photoshop. :)

I designed the template to use a grey photo which wouldn’t be affected by the Hue adjustment layer but if you wish to use a colour picture simply click then drag the ‘insert photo’ layer until it is above the ‘colour change’ layer and that should fix your problem.

If you need any more help, let me know.

Thanks, Bill (bilmaw)


I am not able to download the idem i purchased from you in word. I get a lot of jumbled words and symbols. Can you please offer direction.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Be sure to download and install the required font before opening the file (instructions and links are in the help file pdf) then restart Word. Hopefully that should solve your problem.

Thanks, Bill (bilmaw)

Hi, I’ve created resume in words but how can I combine them into one in pdf format since the resume (docx) are separated and I don’t have pdf editor to dit the ones in pdf format.



You can use an online service such as http://www.pdfmerge.com/ to do this for you.

Thanks, Bill (bilmaw)

Thanks a million for the for the tip. Regards

Hello, Sorry if this is a repeat question but I do not have InDesign or Photoshop installed on my laptop. Will I be able to edit these documents using just Word (Word 2013)? If so, is there anything that can’t be edited with the stand-alone Word version?

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi, everything is fully editable in Word and you do not require any other software.

If you are adding a photo or images to the portfolio template you may want to use photo editing software to crop or resize images but otherwise you only need Word.

Thanks, Bill (bilmaw)

Hi, do you have an html version?

Sorry no, not my field of expertise!!

Hello, I emailed you on 4th July because I am not able to download the word file. An error message appears saying that there is an issue with the content.

Can you email a screenshot of the problem to billy@bilmaw.com to see if I can help you out.

Thanks, Bill

Hey there, I see that the regular license states only one end product…but I intend to tailor my resume for specific job postings so would that still fall into this category? As I guess, I would have multiple end products for myself that are similar but different to the jobs I am applying for. Many thanks!

This applies to using the template for one client in a commercial sense, for profit.

If you are using it multiple times for yourself for personal use, and not making a profit, then you are ok.

Thanks, Bill

I downloaded this today and I am unable to open all of the files, including the help pdf. I have all fonts installed and the correct versions of Adobe. Any ideas?

Sounds like the ZIP file may not be downloaded correctly before unzipping. Please try re-downloading and make sure it’s finished before unzipping the file.

Thanks, Bill

Awesome work. Thank you!

Glad you like it, thanks very much ????

What’s the easiest way to edit the word skill dots? I can so easily edit them in photoshop but I want it in DOCX format and I don’t know how to export the photoshop file to word file. And editing the skill dots with copy pasting in word is just impossible to align them.

I would just re-colour the dots in word and leave them in place. I know that word is a nightmare when moving things around. Instructions are in the included help pdf on how to do this.

If you need anymore help just let me know.

Thanks, Bill

I am modifying this template to add 6 jobs but it will not allow me to. How can I do this. I am using word to make my changes

It might be best to duplicate the file of the first page of the template and continue on with the employment section. Simply copy/paste the text boxes that are there and delete what you don’t need.

You can move elements around to tidy up or just leave out sections you don’t need to fill any gaps you have.

Thanks, Bill

I have downloaded the zip file 3 times now and there are no fonts in the folders. How do I get the fonts?

Nevermind. I guess I should read the .txt documents first next time!

Great work!

No worries, apologies for any confusion.

Good luck, Bill


I have an older version (as well as the most recent version) of your resume and they both have “Aller Light” as their fonts. However for some reason, the (older version) psd font is thicker than the current version.. I was hoping you could tell me what I have to do to get the current versions’ font as thick as the older version? Thanks,


I suppose the quickest and easiest way would be to use the ‘Regular’ version of the font instead of the ‘Light’ version if you need the text thicker.

Thanks, Bill

Hi there, i’m using Indesign CC. I can’t find the way to edit the name and profession in top page group. Any tips ? Thanks

I found it out. Thanks. Great template.

Hello, I have created my resume in word 2007 but every time I save the file and reopen it the content is all out of alignment and jumbled. When I save the file it looks perfect but only jumbles when I re-open it. I have tried saving it as a template word doc, and a docx file but it keeps on messing up. I have managed to save it as a .pdf but it means I will have to redo the whole thing every time I want to make edits.

Any advice or suggestions.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

If possible, could you email the file to billy(@)bilmaw.com and I’ll take a look for you?

Thanks, Bill

Thanks for the reply.

I managed to realign most of it by dragging the text boxes to the correct locations. It may not be exactly how it was originally but it’s near enough that I don’t notice the difference.

Once I saved it from here it opens up exactly the same. Still unsure as to why if became jumbled from my initial saves.

If you’d like to bug check the file I can send it over but I’m happy with what I have got now.

Great product by the way. Thanks!!!

If you’re happy then don’t worry about sending the file over.

I’m glad you got sorted, and if you need any more help, just let know.


Waw nice design.

I cannot get this product to work, i got one part to open but the rest is garbally goop- I want it to work in word