Professional Retouching Actions Kit

Professional Retouching Actions Kit

Product Features:
- Powerful one click skin retouching method
- Professional results with deep adjustments
- Non-destructive methods
- All what you need to do professianal and very fast retouch
- Total more than 40 actions for professional retouch
- Just 3-5 min for one photo!

Save hours! This set of actions will help you speed up most common retouching tasks, while avoiding plastic look and preserving skin-texture details.
Easy to use actions that can deal with even very bad skin with natural result.

What is inside:
- Completely auto retouching method. You need just mask skin and click play!
- 3 different AUTO skin retouching actions
- 3 different manual skin retouching actions
- Auto white balance and color neutralize
- Lips enhancers
- Eyes enhancers
- 2 different sharpeners
- Skintone correction and redness reduce
- Makeup booster
- Dodge and Burn auto simulation
- Digital skin texture
- And more other features!

See a Video Preview!
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