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It is stated that MS Word version includes “Contract Agreement” but it does not! Such a shame! Now I need to work with it from InDesign which is completely different story.

Hello Peterrogov—thank you for your comment. We will check the download tom and add the page(s) if they are missing. Please send an email to so we can share the updated file with you immediately once it’s completed.

Hello Peterrogov. After checking my file, I see the separate MS Word file titled “Contract_Signature_Completion_Agreement.” Can you confirm that you do or don’t have this file? If not, I will send to you ASAP and resubmit the file for download on Envato.

Hi, I may have missed that but how to I bulk-change the logo? Thank you !

Demside—on the primary master page. Let me know if you don’t see it.

No I don’t see it, are you talking about the “A-Master / Section 1”

So the section masters are based off of a skeleton master that should have the logo on it. Just email me at if you can’t find it.


the text in pages is real content text or is dummy text?

thank you!

Hi! It’s a mixture but does contain a fair amount of dummy text. If you check the full preview here you can zoom in to see text in detail: Please let us know if you have any additional questions or suggestions for improving the file!

Hi, I am wondering how to access the master page in word 2016. I have difficulties to delete the bold line on the header of this template. Please help thanks.

Hi! So sorry for the delay. It’s just a little tricky to select. But once you access the header (on a PC double click in the header area), you can just select it and delete it. Note there are a couple of different sections, so you’ll have to do it a few times.

Hello how do u edit the footer in the indesign

Thank you for following up—I don’t see it in my inbox, can you resend to Alternatively, feel free to provide me with your email and I will reach out to you right away.

Thank you! I sent you an email.

Hi, the Design Process page is saying I need Font Awesome TT, I downloaded and installed the provided fonts, but it is not showing this where the icons should be.

Hi there! Thanks for the message. Would you mind sending a screenshot of the errors you see to