Discussion on Proposal

Discussion on Proposal

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Very Clean and awesome :) want to see in popular list Good luck :)

Thanks Bro ;) If you like to meet us on Facebook would be great to see you on our Page:

Like it and share it to the world :)

Thanks Buddy :) Fantastic :)

Hi! Before buying wanted to clarify whether everything may be amended through the word files attached – namely, pictures, icons, layouts etc.? Or there are some restrictions if customizing via word? Thanks a lot! GLWS!

Hi – everything is editable – also in the word files. But you need to know – the images are not included in the template. If further questions please let me know – and if you like the template it would be fantastic if you could rate it with 5 stars :)

Looks really clean sleek and edgy !! :)

HILooks great! Thanks Need a Fix – I am looking at both Pages and Word – The are all vertical and broken pages. Looking in InDesign and PDF look fine. Obviously, I wanted Word, and even settle for Pages. But as it is this won’t work. Is this your version of Word? IF so I will ask for a refund, since it’s not what I saw. If it is a mistake can you advise on speedy solution?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, thanks for buying the proposal. I don´t understand the question very well but the template is a vertical template. And their is now way to put in a double page layout into word or keynote. It is a print template for A4 and US Letter file in vertical format like it is shown in all preview images. The Indesign file is also in vertical – but this is a professional layout program for printing and there it is possible to set up double pages.

Hi, there are any speed solution to delete elements in the file? I don’t need to use everything, but to delete elements i need to select one by one and canc it??

Hi, thanks for buying the proposal. Sorry but if you want to delete elements it can only be done element by element – it is not possible in programs to select items in a different way. Also i never can know which elements will be needed and which will be deleted. Sorry.

Hi, Great template! How do I edit the page numbers etc on the top left and right? I can’t see them in the masterpages and nothing is locked

Hi, thanks for buying the proposal template. :)

You need to click in the second master page. There you will find the header sections. If further questions please let me know.

And if you like this design it would be fantastic if you could rate this item with 5 stars here:

This will help us authors if other buyers know that the template is good one :)

Thank you very much egotype

Amazing & beautiful work :)

Hi there – Can you contact me regarding customization of this proposal? We recently purchased and love it and would like to build on its basis. Thanks

Hi. I just bought this template to work with it in InDesign. How can I change the overall color of the template to match our corporate colors?

Hi, sorry for delay – we have had a public holiday here. To change main color in this template you can change the `Corporate Color 1` that you will find in the color panel as a separate color. If you have further question you can write me an email to

Thank you very much