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Very high quality and incredible realistic!Big big sales buddy! ;)

Thank u mate.

FUNtastic stuff!

Thank you buddy.

amazing item bro, i am so impressed.

Thank you my brother.

Wonderful item best sales

Thank you.

Love all your items, keep em coming :)

Thank you Sophie.

you really awesome, i really can’t figure how you did those, that was really great. hope it will have more sales. GOD BLESS.

Thank you very much Isaac. I am also wishing you the best and many sales always buddy. God bless you too!

where have you been all my life. this is amazing.

Thank you Schizmit.

Excellent man !!

Thank you.

Excellent work! ;) Just a quick question…Is there a quick way to turn off the textured background?

Thank you.

To hide the textured background, simply go to folder ‘Comprising Elements’ and open sub-folder ‘Drawing material ALL’ and click on the visibility eyeball of the folder ‘Drawing paper – ROUGHNESS’ in order to hide content of that folder.

If you have any further question, please feel free to ask.

Best regards.

Thank You Mr. Brown! Wow, impressed with the response time too! Five stars for sure. :) Amazing add-on…Keep up the great work

Thank you for your kind words.

hey mrcharlesbrown.. i have some questions , how can i contact you? i sent a message on facebook but no any reply yet, think you will help me. Thank you

Please message me using the MESSAGE BOX in my profile. I will reply and we can communicate via email.

Best regards.

Can i do this with adobe CS6? can i please meet u at facebook

Yes you do it using CS6. Sorry I don’t communicate through Facebook I can answer all your questions and help you only through official email.

Best regards.

Just wanted to leave a comment in one of these items. Ive bought two of your items already and looking further it looks like i need to purchase more. These things are not only great alone, but in combination with other tools. I considered under a week ago to mail my “idol” about paying him for priate lessons to get things like this done. That would have cost me alot, and i wouldnt learn half the things i do by studying the history panel done by your actions. Its hard to put into words how much these actions has done for me, and ive just tried them for a short time. You sir, deserve something for helping me like this, enabling me to learn from the program itself. I hope wish good things for you!

I am speechless… thank u very much for those beautiful words. I am glad that these drawing effects are not only useful for converting images to hand drawings but also helps u to learn more about Photoshop.

Thank u too Sir!

Less than a week ago. I made that plan i mentioned and now… i have it here, i run it and edit and learn how to create these illustration base elements i develope further into something else etc. I am speechless too. Finding these actions came at the right time, and i feel like ive been given a gift that means alot to me. I bought two more since my last reply and i will buy at least one more of the sketch actions because there is content and knowledge that ive been looking for… without going overboard: 1-2 years. So far ive been working around it because i knew the breakthrough would come and i would know how to do it (and by that time i had the other abilities too… sort of like the last wheel on my ride :)

Thank you. The reply was long but so was my waittime for something as epic as what ive just found in your folio :)

Thanks a lot buddy. I am glad that my drawing actions taught u something you had always wanted to learn and understand.

Best regards and hope your skill continues to grow more and more.


does it work under cs4?


Yes it works with CS4.