Discussion on Pure Magazine

Discussion on Pure Magazine

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Nice work..awesome

Thank you fahmie! :)

very modern and inspired GL ;)

Thank you n2n44! :)

Hey! such a huge fan of this layout; incredible job! Quick Q: I’m having trouble editing the “Pure Magazine” at the bottom of each page… SOS :/ thanks!

Hi! Thank you, glad you like my design! The footer text is editable via Master Pages. In order to make changes here, you’ll need to go to the Pages panel. If you can’t see the Pages window, go to Window > Pages. From there, you can access the master pages by double clicking on them. Hope it helps. :)

Hey! thanks for getting back to me. So for some reason my master pages are blank? :( but I can’t even click on the footnote to edit it. Is there any other feature I might need to make visible?

Hi! There are few Master pages that are applied to Magazine pages as background. The A-master is blank, the other (B,C,D Master) contain graphic elements, page number and tittle ‘Pure Magazine’. These items may be locked. To unlock them try the following:

1. On the master page hold CMD + ALT + ‘L’ at the same time.

If this doesn’t work try this:

2. Hover over the locked item and hold ‘CMD + Shift’ and click the item.

Any changes made to the Master pages will effect the whole document.


Hi! Great theme. But I can not get rid of a formatting issue. The leading (space between text-rows) is locked. How do I get rid of that so I can change it?

Hi there! Thanks for your purchase. I am glad you like the theme. InDesign ignores you leading values because the paragraphs have ‘Align to Baseline Grid’ turned on in the Paragraph panel. To change the leading you have to turn it off :
  1. In the Paragraph Styles panel, click the paragraph style name.
  2. Choose Style Options from the Paragraph Styles panel menu.
  3. Click Indents and Spacing in the left column.
  4. Set Align to Grid to ‘None’.

Hope this helps!

Thank you sooooo much! It works! /Sara

Its the magazine render included as well or the indesign files?

Hello there! No, a magazine mock up is not included in the package only Indesign files. Thanks!