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Wow, cool work, you rock! :D

Really good stuff, I’ll keep thisin mind for future poster/flyer project’s. ;)

Thank so mush Ygor i’m happy you like that :)

Hey Kasper welcome any time man they are here for you ^^

Looks amazing! Great work!

Thanks mate :)

Truly awesome stuff! Great job! :)

Thank’s dud glad you like it :)

Thank you Designfire and welcome any time mate XD

Is Pluto considered a planet now? Just kidding ;) great work! Good luck!

lol…you Hurt his feelings man … you right man pluto is not a planet because it is way too small, and it doesn’t meet the necessary requirement needed to be a planet. i have saw this at National geo: It needs to be in orbit around the sun—Yes, Pluto does orbit the sun.

It needs to have enough gravity to pull itself into a spherical shape—Pluto has sufficient gravity to have become spherical. (This is called hydrostatic equilibrium, by the way.)

It needs to have “cleared the neighborhood” of its orbit—Uh oh. Here’s the “problem” with Pluto. According to this IAU rule, Pluto is not a planet. and thank’s Kete

The backgrounds are not include … :(

if you want them jou just need to ask me for them lol … i’ll send them to you via your profile page :)

ok i’ll leave the link for you here Enjoy, and thanks for puchasing

What are the pixel dimensions of “Hi-Rez”? :)

Great Purchase Very Pleased, Can I Also Have Backgrounds? Thanks

of course i’ll try to find if i still have the psd of the preview if not i will make one for you :) thanks for the purchase

nice job
how you create this texture?
could you guide me?