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thanks alot mrCB :)

Amazing mockups. The lighting is spot on, keep it up mate!

thank you ;)

Really great work!


great mock-ups, good luck with them :)

thanks alot :)

Awesome, good luck with sales ;)

thanks alot FlatlineRo ;)

great mock up. but windows doesn’t work on macbook ;)

haha, yes :P its my brothers macbook and I took the screenshots on my pc later ;)

I really like it especially the 2nd number snap but alas if its a complete screen snap then I could use that. can you please update the file and show the complete screen in 2nd number snap?

thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I can´t just make the whole screen visible because it´s made from photos and the 2nd perspective is meant to be some kind of close-up.
Maybe you can take perspective 1 or 3 to show the image completly and use perspective 2 for a few more details.

Actually 2nd snap’s angle is really excellant, that’s why I wanted to use that. I hope next in your next version you would provide this angle with complete screen :)

Okay, sorry i coudn´t help with this one. Ill definately remember your wishes for when I create the next screen mockup :)

thanks giallo!

Excellent. These really are gorgeous. I went back and made sure I bought both sets. I hope you make more.

thanks alot :)

Excellent work and 5 star support! :)

So I have to contact apple to get permission to use these mockups? I just saw this property released notice.

Or is it ok to use, as long as their is no apple logo visible?

I don’t think you’ll have to contact them ;)