Realistic Stationery / Branding Mock-Up

Realistic Stationery / Branding Mock-Up

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Realistic Stationery & Branding Mock-Up

This pack of 5 mockup sets (kits) -
  1. Great and clear for using as standard stationery mockup
  2. Adapted for 5 typical business situations – this makes a presentation for corporate client smarter and closer to his real needs
  3. Consists of 5 Psd files with high resolution (5184×3456px/72dpi)
  4. Contains 20 objects that can be changed via smart objects
  5. Includes lots of cool additions such as
  • changeable appearance of type machine: use any color or picture
  • tunable keyboard of typing machine (use any font, font color or language)
  • realistic rgb-display pattern for tab display
  • color presets for magazine/catalog
  • changeable color for flash drive + changeable sticker
  • Realistic editable text on pencils
  • 6)Stationery design – included!

  • The main goal is a double-help in using this mock-up:
    • – Make a preview of stationery in easy way (well-known mockup option)
    • – Generate ideas for smart stationery set composing

    Full item list:

    1. Blanc
    2. Notebook A5/Sketchbook
    3. Mini notebook (like Moleskine)
    4. Flyer
    5. Business card (face & back)
    6. Compact disc
    7. Compact disc packing
    8. Badge
    9. Brochure
    10. Catalog/Magazine
    11. Envelope C5 (162×229mm)
    12. Envelope C6 (114×162mm)/Business Reply Mail (BRM) envelope
    13. Order list (customer card)
    14. Envelope C4 (324×229)
    15. Tab (display mock-up)
    16. Stamp (stamp, sticker with stamp on cap, stamp on paper)
    17. Flash drive (sticker/embossing)
    18. Type machine (keys, body color, mock-p for sticker on body)
    19. Mini compact disc
    20. Mini compact disc packing

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