Realistic User Interface Kit

Realistic User Interface Kit

Musical User Interface

Realistic User Interface Kit is a fully vector set of different user interface web elements. It was designed to ensure full comfort in resizing and editing shapes without quality loss. All buttons are interactive and have 3 states – simple, hover and pressed. Elements like scroll bars are provided with hover effect. Main colors are gray and black, but you can easily change color of each element by yourself. All layers are clearly and accurately named, so the navigation between layers is very simple.

Realistic User Interface Kit includes the following elements (in order they placed in PSD file):

- Set of realistic 3 state audio/video control buttons, like stop, play, pause, etc.

- Set of preset entertaiment buttons: shuffle, media library, options with LED indicators.

- Radio Buttons, checkboxes and on/off switches.

- Round and square little buttons with digits on them.

- Four direction interactive joystick.

- Set of different colors realistic LEDs.

- Previous/Next Buttons.

- Control sliders with dots.

- 2 Round Adjustors, big and small.

- Volumetric (3D) switches.

- Equalizer control sliders.

- Oldschool electronic LCD clock provided with calendar and counter.

- Oldschool electronic LCD equalizer display.

- Switch On/Off round button.

- Scroll bar (with hover effect).

- Audio/Video progress bar.

- Modern glossy search field (black, gray).

- Modern glossy horizontal menu bar (black, gray)

- Step progress bar.

- 3 state Web button.

- Drop Down Menu.

- Calendar.

- Set of 3 state glossy download buttons (blue, green red)

Fonts used:

- Digital Dream

- DejaVu Sans

If something usefull is missing by your opinion in this Kit, feel free to leave your suggestions in comments:)