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t-cal Envato Team

This will sell like hotcakes :D awesome job!

uu let’s hope so thx!


t-cal Envato Team

This will sell like hotcakes :D awesome job!

Simple and useful! Great job!

thx buddy

Very handy and useful :)

Really great work :)

thx man :)

Great work! As always! :)

Thanks mate ;)

i agree with contrastblack! ottimo lavoro :grin:

grazie!! OH OH OH ! :)

Really useful work, buddy! ;)

hey thx mate! I was waiting for your comment :)


I always receive an error when using this action, and shadow is always very large.

You can look here for an screenshot of the error:


Translated to english is: “The command ‘layer “Shadow Copy” is not actually available”.

It stops in step: “Select layer ‘Shadow Copy’”.

I think this is caused because I’m using Photoshop Spanish.


Hi Camadu thx for purchasing. Since you’re using PS in Spanish the Action won’t work very well and you need to scale it manually. If you want PS in english you can trasform it easily this way http://www.sxc.hu/blog/post/395


Can you link me to the exact read me as I am having trouble with this action. (without reading your whole blog)

It creates a separate blank image named shadow. Not sure on how to use this.

Thank you

Hi Tynmanz thanks for purchasing :) Did you watched the video tutorial?


thank you!!!

THX to you Daniel

As said several times, those Actions work with English Photoshop. Change your Photoshop Language very easily:


Once you have Photoshop in english the Actions will work

does it work with round items also?

yes regardless of the shape. But the effects created by these actions on circles are not interesting at all. I would buy this one to work with circles:


If you experiment with this last Action you can get really crazy cool results.

Also maybe this is for you http://graphicriver.net/item/sphere-maker-build-3d-glossy-icons-in-10-secs/80862?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=Giallo

These Actions have been retested today on Photoshop Cs3,4,5,5.5,6,CC in every language, they work perfectly. If you don’t get the outcome you’re doing something wrong. It could be that: – your document is too big, try to stay between 800 and 2500 pixels – you haven’t draw the rectangle on a new layer – go to Image > Mode > check you’re in RGB -