Сreamy - Soft Waves with Noise Shadow Background Set

Сreamy - Soft Waves with Noise Shadow Background Set

Creamy Folds Backgrounds Overview

This set consists of 10 bright multi-colored wavy backgrounds illustrating abstract smooth colorful waves. Some images are and eye-catching, thanks to its contrast colors and gradients. This generative art 3D render wallpapers are pretty multifunctional and can be a great addition to any graphics work.

Made with love to colorful motion graphics and unusual abstract details this stylish wallpaper will serve as a reliable decorative asset for your bright design. There are trendy violet, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple backdrop color variants included in the set.

Beautiful art expression of smooth wave flow and decorative airy creases create amazing colorful abstraction. By another word abstract sleek waves wallpaper set with colorful clouds and different using variants. Read please further to get this information.

You will get:

You’ll get 10 different multi-colored abstract wave backgrounds. Suggested files are high-quality and print-ready. Their dimensions: 5000×3333.

Can I customize these Wavy Band Surfaces?

The set is a high-resolution bitmap in JPG and Transparent PNG format. There is one direction of its customization, which is color correction. We highly recommend Photoshop as the best way to do it.

Where can you use these nifty backgrounds?

  1. Behind you an excellent 3D render materials that are handy as a beautiful decoration in numerous design directions;
  2. Try them as backgrounds for presentations of your digital products;
  3. Use as a decorative element for your creative projects and in web design as well;
  4. If you would like to add positive and stylish accents to your print materials, stickers, booklets, posters, print design, and promotional items these surfaces will handle it;
  5. As super hi-res desktop wallpapers for your PC or any other digital device. They would look great on a smartphone or a tablet PC;
  6. You can decorate social network pages, such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube if you’re a fan of bright designs;
  7. They’re perfect for advertisement banners decoration, such as Google Adwords, Instagram stories or Facebook ads;
  8. Can be used in web design, especially as a decoration or wallpaper for a website;
  9. It’s also perfect for customizing business cards, flyers, and other commercial projects;
  10. This print will look classy on backpacks, badges and other small things.

Try and see for yourself.

Additional information:

  • Graphics Files Included: JPG Image, PNG, Transparent PNG
  • Pixel Dimensions: 5000×3333
  • Resolution: 300dpi

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