Reflections Pro - Mega Pack

Reflections Pro - Mega Pack

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Reflections Pro - Mega Pack - Text Effects Actions


This is a Photoshop action pack to generate 12 different types of reflections:

Normal (A very common type of reflection) See preview here:

Mirror (Reflections that are seen on clean flat mirrors) See preview here:

Blurry (Almost normal reflection but uniformly blurred) See preview here:

Noisy (Reflections generated on grainy and uneven surface) See preview here:

Frosted Glass (The name implies what it is) See preview here:

Window Glass (Similar like frosted glass, but looks like a surface with a window glass texture) See preview here:

Floor (Elongated fuzzy reflections visible on smooth and glossy floors. The nature of blurring is vertically stretched rather than unifrom.) See preview here:

Progressive Blur (Normal near the base and gradually blurred with distance. Unlike blurry, progressive blur never generates uniform blurring.) See preview here:

water Ripple (Reflection that generates on uneven water or liquid surface) See preview here:

Tinted (Monotone reflection. The color of reflection is affected by the background tint) See preview here:

Desaturated Dark (Colorless pale dark reflection) See preview here:

Desaturated Light (Colorless pale light reflection) See preview here:

All actions generate separate layers for further modification. Therefore after playing the action, you can customize the background, reflection and the ground base layers in your own way. You can even remove the old ones and try new backgrounds if you like. Play with the layer options as well to bring magical change in your image. See here an example of water ripple reflection with manually added new background and modified layer options:

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