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Nice work mr Charles, looks very crisp!

This seems to be a very useful action. Bookmarked!

this looks huge! ;) GL

Excellent Work Mr. Charles Brown :D I like it, Good Luck with sales

hi would you kindly let me know the difference between your different versions of image enlargers? Trying to make sense of your different versions.

Thanks for your answer. Do you mean to say that the result I get from the original version and this version 2 will be different? I already got the original one just a few days back. I am keen to get this if the result from this one is better than the one from original version. Please help me make a decision.


The rendered quality is different. Version 1: Soft edge crispyness i.e softer look. Version 2: Hard inner and edge crispyness i.e a lot more sharper and stronger details preservation.

Thank you.

hmmm… thanks !

Hi, will it work with Photoshop CC 2014? Thanks


Yes it works with Photoshop Cc 2014.


This is a very useful action!

Thank you and I am glad that you like it.

God bless!

It is interesting and useful action HDR-like, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like you show on preview images :( I think you created this previews by bluring better images and name it “before”. However, it is useful action in some cases. Thanks.


Action works perfectly as displayed. This package will enlarge your image twice the original size while keeping the initial quality intact.

The BEFORE image shows the poor quality if enlarged without this action.

If you have any question, kindly feel free to ask.

This preview was very misleading… I was looking for an action that would unblur or do the best it could. The images on the preview make a viewer feel he/she is buying a image enhancer when all it really does is double the size.

Don’t get me wrong, the quality of up-scaling is amazing, and you should be commended but this was not the action I thought I was buying.


The title says “Remarkable Image ENLARGER Action v2”—and the description in the preview says “enlarges your image twice the original size while keeping the original quality intact.” Thus, there is no misleading about this preview.

Action renders perfectly as displayed and described.

Should you have any question concerning any of my works, please feel free to contact me before making purchase.

You can check out IMAGE ENHANCER package in my portfolio if you are looking for an action for quality enhancement.

Best regards.