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Merry Christmas! Great work. Many sales you have there =)

Any plans for a new series that includes a TV set? Would be great to see that in the same style to make the multimedia set complete. On all the previews there some noise going on in the aluminum parts, is this compression artifacts on the preview only versions?

What versions of Photoshop?

When it said no to high resolution, I didn’t realize it would be this low! 1500×1000 is ridiculously low res, in fact today this is practically unusable.

Should state the sizes specifically! Think the silence on this matter is deceptive.

Feel as if I’ve been robbed of $8!

I’m loving it! Only one question: How do I place items in front / in the back of each other in photoshop

For instance I select the imac but I’m unable to place the ipad or ipone in front of the imac as it is placed behind by default.

And is it possible to save the examples with a transparent background?

Thanks a lot!

Creative, functional and realistic mockups is great, you’re a favorite in the category, I aspire to your results, good luck :)

Will this work in GIMP

works perfectly, looks super..thanks! A+ :)

quick question: how to get the glare/surface reflection effect?

Your Work is really awsome and I like it. But I have problem with this download and I become only 1 File. I tried 3 time a download and nothing…I will try tomorrow, but if I become nothing again, then I want my Money back. Thanks.

The quality is only 1500×1000 so the iPad is only 500 px !!!??? It’s a joke, shit quality !

is there update for this design?

NOT HIGH-RESOLUTION. Feel very disappointed by the resolution of this product – needs to be 2000px for each item in mockup, not 200px. With buyer fees and USD to AUD exchange rates, I’ve just been robbed of $15.

Nice work, goos luck with sale :)