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Lovely! but why no retina MBP ???

working on it, will be in the update

Nice pack, Great Job ;)

Thanks buddy :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

swietne mockupy. Powodzenia !

dzi?ki :)

Thank you artlover

WOW! this one looks amazing!

thx my friend :)

Purchased and rated 8-)

thanks man ;)

Looks fantastic! :)


Thank you, Perfect Job.

Hello and many thanks!

Beautiful work!


Cant seem to download the file

my link is work, please write to envato support


Is the background of your mockup changeable? Is it a layer I can remove to be on a transparent background with only tablet & smartphones?


can not change the background

Perfect Job!

thanks zaferyardimci :)

Are the screenshots smart objects? if so what are their sizes? looks great.

screens are as smart objects

I have downloaded them now thanks. Is there a way of changing the size of the smart object without causing any problems. I have created a website layout @ 1600px wide so doesn’t fill the screen.

enough to scale the image accordingly, no need to change the size of the Smart Object

Great work! 8) Pin it in my collection! ;)

thanks man :)

Hi, backgrounds are they changeables? seems great !

is solid, only one :)

I really hope you provide templates or sizes of the smart objects screens, unlike other fools who sell mockups without giving sizes.

there is no specified dimensions, but opening the Smart Object, you can check the file size :)

Pre purchase questions:

How to get screenshot of different size equipment on a desktop computer? I am running a website, I want to my website’s screen shot on diffrent equipments. For example: iphone 4/5/6/6+, different iPads, and desktop? Is there any screen or equipment simulator or addon for firefox browser? I am using firefox on a desktop.

is a plugin for firefox – “Web Developer” – you can set different resolutions browser

I just bought your product. It’s great. However, I didn’t realize it is not on a transparent background. Do you have an update to this that is on a transparent background?

hi, thanks for your purchase,
I’m working on updating