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Hello I am using CS5 , can i still purchase this file and modify in CS5 ?


CS3 files should open without problem in CS5 .

and is this A4 size? i saw dimension 8.5×11? are you using inch or cm? appreciate your reply

It’s A4 size. Each page is 210 × 297 mm.

I am using Adobe Illustrator CS5

You need Adobe InDesign. This file is not editable in Illustrator.

is In design edit photo and insert text similar to Illustrator? i love this design but i never use in design before appreciate your reply

Well, InDesign really is something else than Illustrator. Its text handling features are a lot more powerful. If you’ve never used InDesign you’ll need to take the time to learn it; once you know your way around with it, you’ll love it. It’s great software for print design.

Hi I just download the booklet , I could not do the edit . Please kindly advice.

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I have Ai Adobe Illustrator CS3.

I can download file but I can’t edit and put my detail in there.

This is an InDesign file. Illustrator won’t help you out, I’m afraid. You can download InDesign for a free trial period if I’m not mistaken.

This looks great. Am I correct in that a US letter-sized version is not included?

You’re correct. Not included.

What a great work!

hello, do you have word template ?

No, only InDesign.

lo compre pero no puedo descargarlo (buy it but I can not download)

That’s weird. Looks like a technical issue with the website on your end. Could you contact Envato about this?

how do you replace the images on the template? Thanks1

You can just drag in your own in InDesign. If you’re new to InDesign check out their help files which are quite descriptive. There are multiple ways to insert your image files into a document.