Discussion on Retro Flyer/Poster Vol. 3

Discussion on Retro Flyer/Poster Vol. 3

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Briliant design mate :)

Thanks hotpin :-)

Nice Concept & Design!

thanks mate :-)

very nice work :)

thank you 6spins ;-)

thank you romila

Great design and colors!

Hello there, I have just purchased 3 different Flyer files from you, but I cannot place/replace Any images in ANY of your files… It is not that have not worked with hundreds of files like this!, but I am just wondering if an Old version (CS2) which these files are made in, just not works with the latest PS version?

Reading your files it says: ’’Just click on the Sample Photo Layer Called “Replace With Your Photo!”, right-click on it and select “Replace Contents”!

There’s no such thing as ‘Right Click’ and Replace…

When I double Click the Smart object and Place image in the new layer that opens!, that works fine, but when closing same file a new window opens and want me to save a files called PLACE.jpg…

Makes no sense and I tried everything…

Please clarify. Thanks

Hello there aongroup, First of all these files where made with Photoshop CS5, and it’s the very first time that someone tells me that “There’s no such thing as ‘Right Click”. It’s not a command of the software. It simply means you have to click the right button of your mouse on top of the layer called “Replace with you photo”. And I’m sure that “Replace Content” will appear. Also I want to resolve this mystery and help you so I need this informations: 1. What Photoshop version do you have? 2. Can you please send me a screenshot of what happens when you click with the Right button of your mouse on the specific layer?

Plus, if you choose to use the other method, the one by double clicking on the smart object, do not worry, you can both save that place.jpg file (wherever you prefer) or otherwise you can select all the layers in the smart object and Flatten them together, and the simply save that smart object.

Please let me know if you succeeded


Hello there and thanks for your quick reply. (I use PS CC)

I will send you some screen shots via PM now…

I also bought the ’’Retro Flyer/Poster Vol. 8’’ file (INSTANIGHT) and here it worked fine!, I just clicked the smart object layer!, placed my image and closed the file, and then it was there… no problem!

To avoid this problem even on the other flyer just follow the things i wrote on the second part of the above message! I’ll see the screenshots now