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I really love the design work but I can’t get this to work with CS2 version 9. Any help would be awesome

Hi SOCAMO, what happens when you open them?

I can’t open them I get an error “unknown data has been encountered reading layer “indieground vintage text effect” and will be discarded Continue? If I click OK it just loops back to the same thing. The continue button generates another pop up that says “could not complete your request because of a program error”

I would really love to get this sorted out I’m going to buy the rentire set if I can get it working. I also have a copy of Photoshop 7.0 but I think that might be to old for these.

Thanks Mark

Hello Socamo, i would really want to apologize for this late reply since for a mistake your message went lost through the amounts of messages of all the marketplace items we have! Please write me to my email theindieground@gmail.com so we can figure out what’s the problem, in a quicker way, if you still need my help! Thank you

awesome work

Thanks a lot :-)

Says it’s compatible with CS2 but it’s bs, the files DO NOT WORK WITH CS2.

Thanks a lot :-)

Wow, it looks sooo good!

Thank you amanitaa :-)

Wow, this is very beautiful! Nice job dude.

Thanks a lot :-)

What is the font used in “Bluesky” logo?

Hi there, it’s Franchise font!

I cannot download the files :(

I have already purchased your items, so could you solve my problem? I’m really anxious now.

OK! I got it. It’s cool!

Hi there, sorry if I didn’t aswered immediately, unfortunately we’re located in different parts of the world :-) I’m glad you were able to download them, sometimes it depends from the server! If you need more help just drop me an email for faster answers

Hi. Upon clicking on my text, I am unable to edit the window, I have an ! and PS stops the process with fonts are missing from the text, I do not want to substitute, therefore the process stops. Advice Please. Thank you

Hi kate64! That’s correct, of course since photoshop doesn’t find the fonts used for the effects on your computer, it asks you to substitute with some default font. If you want to have the same fonts I used you need to download them and install them. You can find all the links for the free fonts inside the readme file :-)

Franchise http://www.dafont.com/it/franchise.font is missing/dead link

Thanks for the heads-up :-) the font is no longer on dafont.com but luckily it can still be found by searching on google!

Does this include the design and styling for the stuff above the effect “the indieground presents”

hello joco! everything you see is editable :-)

Hi! I have Photoshop Elements 15 and I can’t make it work. Does it even work on Elements? Have a nice day! Tommy

Hello Tommy, unfortunately this not works with Elements version of Photoshop, you need the complete version

Hi do you have .ai format for these files, bcz, say i want to print it size of big huge banner, the photoshop files may get blur right ( correct me if i am wrong)

Hi there! No I’m sorry but these effects are only made in psd format! About your request: It depends on the size of the banner, but since they’re 300 dpi the quality should resist even on a bigger scale! You also need to check the colors since you’ll need to transform the file in CMYK for printing matters