Discussion on Retro Poster - Photoshop Action

Discussion on Retro Poster - Photoshop Action

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unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. There is always an error message “The Command” Select “is not currently available.” This is done with the step “Select brush RP_1”. There is no “RP_1” object. Later there are commands to select RP_2 and RP_3, but these objects are not available either. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, RP_1 or RP_2 etc. are the names of the brushes which this action uses, your photoshop can’t find them and that’s why you get those messages. Action contains three files ATN (action), ABR (brushes), PAT (pattern), be sure to install all three in your photoshop and then you will not get messages like this. Watch video on 0:14 If you need more help you can contact me via email.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Now it worked. The Pattern & Brushes are no longer managed in the Preset Manager. I don’t know why Adobe changed that. The easiest way, however, is to open the files with a double click, then they will be imported automatically. Very cool action. Thank you very much!

Hello, I have a problem with your plugin. I get this error:

Hi, could you send me your psd file to check what is causing this… my email is

Out of all actions I’ve tried here, this one is one of the best! It does what it promises, very simple and gives “handwork” feel.

Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you’re satisfied…

How do I use this with photoshop elements 2020? I bought this last week. Just having trouble with following your video since elements is a bit different. When I do this, it says wrong type of file, no fill layer. I am not sure how you do the red layer.

I sent you an email with image of my psd elements.

Hi, I replied to your email…

I don’t need a refund. I got it on sale last week & I like the brushes & maybe can use it in the future. Thank you for the reply.

Is there anyway you can make an action similar for psd elements? Do you know where I can learn to that on psd elements?

There is no possibility create a similar action, Photoshop use functions and features which are not available in Elements.

If you want to learn something more recommend you use Photoshop CC, with Elements will always be limited to basic photo processing and nothing more than that.

Hi, none of the shapes appear when I click the eye for visibility even though they are in the Layers window, I’ve even tried to use the brush shapes, but I get an error that the layer is hidden but it’s not.

Hi, please send me your photoshop interface with open action and layers panel on to better see what it is about…

Hi dgas99, i run the action and and everything seems fine, but i seem to be missing the halftone pattern and there is no Adjustments folder. I am using CC 2019

I re-installed the Action and now it works… Sorry.

everything seems to work fine but for me when it gets to the “smooth” action a warning prompt comes up ‘no pixels are selected’. I watched your tutorial and thought I followed it exactly. If I select ok and ignore it my subject shapes are all incomplete… i.e. the circle is only a 1/4 circle or the triangle is only 1/2 there. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? My photoshop is the latest version 21.1.0 20200212.r.106 2020/02/12

Hi, please send me your psd to see what is issue on

Hi dgas99. I figured it out. It was my mistake. It was the size of my photo I was using. Once I got the proper dimensions; voila. It worked. I super appreciate the quick response though and now I look forward to using this for some cool ideas. Thanks a lot

Cheers :)

Great idea! :-) Brilliant!

Thanks mate :)

cool tem drazen :) GL

Thanks Nico :)


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