RGB Curves Professional - Easy Light

RGB Curves Professional - Easy Light

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RGB Curves Professional - Easy Light - Photoshop Add-ons

Easy Light™ Professional RGB Curves Pack.

Makes easy immediately to create light coloring from just Black and White Sources.

Files Included

  • 7 Basic lights colors Curves files
  • Layered *.PSD file Showing layer order and adjustment usage.
  • instruction
  • Content modeled from light color information.


    What is Easy Light™ ?

    You maybe think you can do something like this with multiply color mode overlay?
    Its Not so.
    Content modeled from exposure color information of different colored light sources. In real light sources color information is changed from dark parts to bright.
    Keeping edge colors as black and white, this EasyLight™ curves make very nice and realistic color fades in middle.
    For example “Emerald Jungle(green)” is more yellow in bright parts and more bluish in dark. And “Ruby Shine(red)” simulates laser beam glow!
    Final results is much more vivid than any other coloring solution like as Photo filter or other existed color overlay modes and have no oversaturated spaces trough all gradation range. Every curves have its own magic character.
    Make coloring easy and Natural!

    Abstract, bokeh backgrounds coloring, B/W photo sources coloring, brushes coloring, Light simulation effects, and much more in designers hands, this tool will serve for time save and assistance.

    (Also using exposure curve as it described in help file provide artists coloring of their digital drawings much more realistic vibrancy vivid color fades and easy.)

    IT IS IMPORTANT: Gradient Maps VS RGB Curves:

    According RGB curves tool It has very clean smooth fade curvature which is independent and not bind to color points as it is in gradient map tool. So gradient maps is not good solution for coloring that’s why there was another my solution named EasyLight™.

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