RGB Curves Professional - Easy Sky Sunsets

RGB Curves Professional - Easy Sky Sunsets

Easy Sky™ Sunsets Professional RGB Curves Pack.

This is extension for Easy Sky™ Deep Blue Pro RGB Curves Pack.
Allows you easy to turn standard linear gradient into beautiful natural(not oversaturated) sunsets with six different color characters.

Files Included

  • 7 Curves files
  • Layered *.PSD file Showing layer order and adjustment usage.
  • instruction
  • Content modeled from best sky professional photography samples.
    Not just nice-looking. Absolutely true sky coloring.


    What is Easy Sky™ ?

    Easy Sky is well-tuned coloring solution for making natural clean and true sunset skies contains:
  • One Panoramic Neutral sky for wide angle camera angles extended with light and dark area.
  • Six Sunsets sky variations modeled from professional-tuned photography sources with standard angle camera range used for landscapes.
  • IT IS IMPORTANT: Gradient Maps VS RGB Curves:

    According RGB curves tool It has very clean smooth fade curvature which is independent and not bind to color points as it is in gradient map tool. So gradient maps is not good solution for skies coloring that’s why there was my another solution named Easy Sky.

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