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Thank you Ygor! Do you see this item? Cause i dont :D /ok i see now also/ :)

Wow this is stunning man! ;)

I was thinking it may be a bit cheap, but it’ll get you that many more sales, so I think it can be good in a sense ;) Keep up the awesome sales!

Yes this is what im thinking also, and actually i would like to get a slightly correction on the price. This is the first time i think it would be fair. :)

Yes definitely ;)

Awesome style 8-) and great job like always!

Thank you xnorpix, im almost done with the tutorial…

just awesome!

Thank you G420 !

Thank you Mate!

Nice from you as well :) Thanks

Congratulations !! :D great item with great details. best of luck :)

Thank you WonderArt, i’w read both of your comments ;)

Wow, congratulations, amazing atn.

Thank you ArtEsfera!

This is great, actually your whole portfolio is great!

Thank you ToivoMedia!

Congrats with approved and sales! :) Good work again,dekurvajo! 8)

Thank you Djjeep, im always happy when you leave comment!

Thanks! its so kool :D

You are very welcome CanCars!

Does it come with the cool leather texture? If not, where did you get it? I can’t find a quality leather texture anywhere like this…

Hello Rezolution, all the textures what you see there is in the package. Those are real previews… no tricks over there. what you see what you get… :) Check the tutorial video :)

And thank you for the question!

Great work Thanks

Thank you Alberto.

Looks like a great set!

Thank you miss :) it is.

Hi I just purchased Order number: 1f22e1ce619111e2952c842b2b692e1a Rivet, Bolt, Stitch Creator for Metal and Leather. whenever I run the action Rough cutting 25px I get the error message “The command “ZigZag”/”Wave” is not currently available.

When I dissected the action step by step the ZigZag command is not is not provided. Can you please advise. Kind regards. Magued

Hello mszak, yes i can see that from your comment you have purcahsed the item. Seems like to me a Photoshop bug. If you have skype, feel free to contact with me trough my profile. I will try my best.

When I run any of the rough leather actions, it looks ridiculously bad. I’ve tried it multiple times, multiple ways.. Your instructions weren’t very good at all…maybe due to a little language barrier?

Ok I think I figured out the problem on my own. If anyone else has this problem, it’s because there are no instructions about it. You basically take the layer that is created by “rough cutting” and replace your original layer with it and then apply the style. I think. Also, you have to put the 3D leather effect UNDER your layer..

So create your text or shape, then run the action “rough cutting” (if you want that), then delete your original layer, and apply the style to the rough cutting layer, then use 3D leather AFTER that.

Thanks for the comment. By the way, Have you watched the video?

I wasn’t aware of any video. I was able to figure it all out though eventually, and am quite pleased. I only wish that there was a smaller version or more choices or even a prompt to pick how big the “rough cutting” layer would be. It always ends up way too big and it’s extremely hard for me to get it smaller and retain the original effects. I have found though that I can go into the action and double click a step and change the settings and do each step manually, so that works for now. I’m sorry if I was stupid or rude earlier, I’ve been trying to work on this project for a while now and it’s just driving me crazy. You’ve made a really AWESOME action and I’m glad I purchased it :)

hey… dont say that “if I was stupid or rude earlier”, c’mon… why? It’s normal. You are using a tool, which is has a 1 click mode, but also a possibility for a more complex usage. Yes you are right, with a more detailed explanation it would be easier to figure out how the advanced modes are works. But i was sure when somebody has those skills he/she will be able to figure out soon, and use it in her/his own custom way. Just as you did in 24 hours. Thanks a lot ScrewThis, and actually you did not screw this ;) You made here an awesome, real and honest testimonial without any cliche and common words. Thank you very much. Im looking forward to see some results of yours :)

Thank you Draganov89!

In love with this item, it’s great! You do great work, best of luck with future sales!

Thank you for your comment Sarah. Did you rate it as well? :)

Yes yes, of course I did ;) 5 stars, all the way.

Amazing stuff.I am usually very picky when it comes to PS actions, because they mostly did not work properly on my French version of PS. But this is working like a charm. Love it, Love it, Love it. You save me so much time with this. Action . You deserve a :kiss:

Thank you very much Ladonna! No1 comment so far, i’m blushed. Enjoy it!

Szia! Próbálom megvenni… 35 perce a check out-nál megáll az egész oldal…. máshol is el lehet érni ezt az actiont? Venném ha bírnám…... :)