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awesome rocket ships :) they look just great

Fantastic.. :)

Thank you very much guys. :)

Awesome work! :) All the best!

Thank you madhuMad :)

Hi Can you please check the PSD file? Everything is appearing except the rockets, in their place appear a white space. Regards Ana

Hello Ana,

You need at least Photoshop CS4 for this file… There are some mask layers (under the layer pannel). Please check and if you need more assistance just mail me :)

Good clean look, doesn’t loose quality when enlarged! methinks I like it

Nice to hear that justen. I hope you enjoy it ;) And thank you.

Great stuff, now I just need a project to use them in. Good work Pixel, keep it up.

Thank you mate. I’m sure you have a project where you can use the rockets ;)

Thank you very much webtee :)

Hello PixelsInvasion,

By chance, would you have them in vector?

Best regards,

Hello RadCon, Yes, all the rockets are in vector format. Every element is a shape vector layer.

You mean already in the provided files?