Royal Grande Very Old Audio Set UI

Royal Grande Very Old Audio Set UI

Royal Grande Audio Since 1984—

This GUI Element set contains conceptually crafted very old looking audio set up. All the elements are neatly crafted with vector shapes. It contains the following
  • Player buttons (Toggle buttons)
  • Effect buttons (Click buttons)
  • Volume controller knobs
  • Sliders
  • LED indicator set
  • Wheeler
  • Two way switch
  • Selector knob
  • UV meter

Why old?

Even though we are living in the 20th century with high end audio set ups with so many digital equipment and display panels we still love the power of old audio set ups that our grand parents used in many decades ago. We still can feel the smell and the spirit of there stability. Including that kind of a user interface with experience may add your next iPhone , tablet or IPad application a unique look and feel. People may love to use it with the latest technologies ( Specially with the touch pads)

What can you do with this?

This package includes a set of old looking GUI elements packed as in the set up but they can be readily available to re size and use individually in your projects and applications.
  • You can re size them
  • You can edit them
  • You can slice the pack and use in css
  • You can export each element as .png files
  • You can create your own UI
  • You can use the images in your Java or or any other programming projects

You can have a nice audio player created with these UI elements

Extend ability

As all the items are vector shapes and the vector files are included you can re size or change the shapes as you want…

You can use the individual smart objects or layer styles to change the styles as you want

as all the layer styles are packed in a single file you can use them to create your own GUI easily


Items are composed under the resolution of 320PPI and retina display ready. Items are not re sized as they can be sized according to your project to fix into the iPhone or iPad


  • Layer styles
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • Custom shapes includes 200+ nice icons
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic
You can use all of these resources to create your own applications or GUIs…...

Hope you would like it..

Love to see your comments and ratings  :)

Thank you very much for purchasing….......

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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