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Thanks Buddy!

Help me: How to export the image to a unity (or html)? For example: Character Window (window + the line of life and mana + avatar)...

P.S.: sorry for my English.

Hi there, you’ll need to split the layers up to seperate elements on an Atlas. You can do this in Photoshop (by combining all of the UI assets you need and then when ou import the PSD or PNG to Unity you can slice up etc. thanks for the purchase.

A login screen would be nice :)

Hey, thanks for the purchase. You can purchase this http://graphicriver.net/item/rpg-user-interface-elements/4444118?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=warrenjerzyszek which makes a pretty solid login form.

You get the RPG UI design and the login UI elements as part of the RPG User Inter Bundle http://graphicriver.net/item/rpg-user-interface-bundle/5253229.

Best, Warren

It looks really really great and cheap BUT the file is a single big PSD format with over 500 layers. It’s absolutely unfriendly. In order to take a window image, I have to put 30 mins to separate it and export them into different images. Plus, the resolution is much lower than I expected. Not recommended at all.

Hi there. You should of messaged me and I would of been able to offer free support with any file handling issues you are having. It was clearly mentioned that you receive only one PSD. My alternative UIs and even this UI as a bundle has everything presliced ready to go. You shouldn’t of struggled alone, not when I’m openly available to offer free support on all of my items regardless of item price. Thanks for giving it a try. All the best, Warren

No offense.. but agreed with swecs99.. not friendly AT ALL.. like most UI templates (or any kind of Art) it should be divided by single images so we can work with that.. Anyways, its a good asset, just that observation.

Hi there, sorry you’ve found it difficult. Would you like me to send you the Assets saved out as PNGs ready to use in our project? Thanks.

Hi! Actually I would really appreciate that, like BIG TIME! I’ve been taking out single PNGs but I think I barely have like 1/5 of all the asset completed.

If you can message me through my profile page I’ll get a link over to you with the assets inside. Thanks!


newicz Purchased

This is great asset, although I have one strange problem with it. When I create new document and simply duplicate for example Chat group to this new document my border around the chat window is kind of white/black instead of this pretty gradient inside the main PSD. Do you have any idea why is this happening?

Second question is, as they are vectors I can scale it up as I want without blurry effect?

The reason why it’s happening is because the layer effect has ‘Use Global Light’ Checked, so when you drag it in to a new document it’s taking on the lighting of that new document, which will be default compared to what I’ve set.

I would advise you try this: In the original file select the appropriate frame layer, write down the values of the Bevel and Emboss effect and then uncheck the ‘Use Global Light’ box. Once this is done, you can manually input the values (in the Bevel and Emboss effect) you’ve written down I believe they are (90,90). Leave the ‘Use Global Light’ box unchecked and you should be good to go.

Regarding the vectors, we use photoshop shape layers which kind of act as vectors. The frames and the styles will scale up, but you’ll have to tweak the texture a little bit in the PSD.

Drop me a direct message and I’ll send you a fix.