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is ipad compatible?

Hi Mauroamaral, Thanks for your interest in the Rubicon keynote template. At present it is not optimized for use with the iPad. While I am not an iPad expert, from the research I have done, it appears that the iPad version of Keynote is actually quite limited. Because Rubicon uses special fonts and a different aspect ratio, at this time it does not look like it is not going to work on an iPad.

Here are a few links that can give you an idea of what is possible with keynote for iPad:




I hope that helps. Should you decide to use a laptop for your presentation, I hope you choose Rubicon to tell your story.


Hello, I’m having trouble with theme missing theme files. I installed the .kth files in iWork/Contents/Resources/Themes but when I save a project and reopen it I get a bunch of missing files errors. Any insight would be appreciated…

Hi. Thanks for investing in the Rubicon Keynote Template. I’m sorry to learn you are having some troubles with missing theme files.

I did a search in Keynote Help, which suggests a different place to store your theme files than the one you mentioned: “Unless you specify another location, custom themes are saved in the Themes folder on your hard disk ([home]/Library/Application Support/iWork/Keynote/Themes). Only themes in this folder appear in the Theme Chooser. If you store your theme in another location, you can still open it (from the Finder) and use it to create a slideshow.”

However, it may be that your problem is a little more complicated than just that. I also did a scan of some support forums online and found this thread which discusses missing files and gives specific steps to rectify the problem. If the more simple fix I mentioned above still does not help, check out this link and give their steps a try.


I hope that between these two approaches, you are able to resolve the situation. Should you have any other questions you are welcome to email me at amy[at]blixa6[dot]com.

Cheers! Amy

Hi There. Just bought your theme and noticed there are three fonts missing on my machine. I’ve downloaded the free Xerox and League Gothic…but still seems to be missing fonts. Can you let me know all of the fonts used in the template. Thanks in advance. Bill

Hi Bill Thanks for your purchase. The two fonts you have downloaded – Zerox and League Gothic are the right ones that your template needs to work properly. Are these fonts showing up in your template when you open it in Keynote?

If not, perhaps there was a problem with the installation process. Here’s a link to a helpful little tutorial for installing fonts on a Mac: http://www.fontspring.com/support/installing/how-do-i-install-fonts-on-my-mac

Once you have gotten everything installed properly, then open up Keynote on a fresh start – and the fonts should load into the application and all will be well.

If you continue to run into problems you are welcome to contact me through my profile page and I can give you more detailed support.