Scene Creator 5K Mockup (Standard Edition)

Scene Creator 5K Mockup (Standard Edition)

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Completely refreshed, improved and reorganized “Scene Creator 5K Mockup”

From now on, the scenes built will become even more realistic. The shadows of many objects were made again and now you can choose one of two types of shadows: “on the desk” or “on the wall”.

Some items were removed because they did not look good, but instead new ones were added and their number is now 378. There is now also lighting that you can turn on and off creating an amazing atmosphere in the scene you build.

See what beautiful and realistic scenes you can build with this Scene Creator and use them to present your projects.

Update date 02.2020

Scene Creator 5K (Standard Edition)

Scene Creator 5K is a high resolution and great quality tool to showcase your works, such as: posters, paintings, drawings, web designs or product mockups. You can also generate header images for your website or blog. Shortly everything you may need to shine in the web!

Scene Creator 5K is a high resolution (5120×2880) PSD file so every object and item is very sharp and detailed. Scenes are good for print as print resolution is 300dpi.

Every single item was photographed in high definition, precisely cut off and isolated from the background. Each object is a different photoshop layer so you can move and rearrange them freely. This is how you can create your personal scenes.

All pieces have their own color masks, so you can tune them to make favorite tint compositions. You can resize desk by simply dragging its corner. It has changable legs, plates and colors. You can use 11 different kind of surfaces, and there is also one you can give any color you like.

All device displays and frames use Photoshop’s “Intelligent Objects” feature to let you use your own graphics. There are 62 different screen items to your disposition and 18 poster frames in which you can put anything you want.

Additionally you can use custom text and change paper texture in the typewriter, thanks to “Intelligent Objects”.

Any glass reflections (frames, displays) can be hidden and intensified.

Video tour:

Scene Creator 5K includes:

  • Configurable desk (5 legs, 13 surface + 1 surface Color Can Be Changed) (C)
  • 7 Chairs©
  • Man or Woman (10 Diferent Positions)
  • 21 Backgrounds Walls (One of Them Color Can Be Changed) (C)
  • 62 Screen Objects (All with Smart Objects)
  • 378 Movable Items©
  • Wall Clock (Full Editable & uses Smart Objects) (C)
  • 18 Poster Frames (All with Smart Objects)

Quick video tutorials:

All objects included listed below:

62 Screen Objects (All with Smart Objects):

  • Apple iPad Pro 13” 2018 (Lying) (L) (R) (F)
  • Apple iPad Pro 13” 2018 (On Stand) (L) (R) (F)
  • Apple iPad Pro 13” 2018 (With Keyboard) (L) (R) (F)
  • Apple iPad Air (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10,5 (On Stand) (L) (R) (F)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10,5 (Lying) (L) (R) (F)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8,5 (On Stand) (L) (R) (F)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8,5 (Lying) (L) (R) (F)
  • Apple Macbook Pro (F)
  • iMac 21,5”
  • iMac 27”
  • Laptop Dell XPS 14” (L) (R) (F)
  • Monitor Dell 23” (L) (R) (F)
  • Monitor LG 4K 27” (L) (R) (F)
  • iPhone X/XS (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • iPhone 6(S) (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • iPhone SE (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Samsung TV MU7002 (F)
  • Samsung TV C8000 (F)
  • Camera Nikon D750 (L) (R)
  • Camera Nikon D7200 (L) (R) (F)
  • Camera Canon EOS 600d (L) (R) (F)

378 Movable Desk Items:

  • Notebook (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Notebook (Open) (F) (C)
  • Waterman Paris Pen (In Box) (C)
  • Tablet Stand (L) (R) (F)
  • Typewriter (L) (R) (F)
  • Typewriter (Without Cards) (F)
  • Calculator (L) (R) (F)
  • Curled Paper x5 (Different Items)
  • Puncher (L) (R) (F)
  • Highlighter©
  • Paper Clips©
  • Scissors©
  • Silver Pen©
  • Cardboard Pen©
  • Scattered Pens©
  • Ruler©
  • Box With Paper Clips©
  • Sticky Notes©
  • Basket With Utensils Office©
  • Basket With Pens©
  • Basket With Markers©
  • Organiser Book (Open) (C)
  • Organiser Book (Closed) (C)
  • Stack of Papers (L)x2®x2 (F)
  • Binder Lying (L) (R) (F)
  • Binders Standing (L) (R) (F)
  • 3 Binders®
  • Pile of Books (L) (R) (F)
  • Closed Book (L) (R) (F)
  • Open Book (L) (R) (F)
  • Books Lying (L) (R) (F)
  • Books Standing (L) (R) (F)
  • Steam Link (L) (R) (F)
  • Steam Pad (L) (R) (F)
  • PC Corsair 460X RGB (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • PC Gigabyte iSOLO (L) (R) (F)
  • Playstation 4 (Lying) (F)
  • Playstation 4 (Standing) (F)
  • Dualshock 4 Pad (L) (R) (F)x2
  • Charging Station (L) (R) (F)
  • Headphones Player (Hanging On Monitor)
  • Headphones Player
  • Headphones Sony
  • Apple Mouse (L) (R)
  • Mouse Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Mouse Logitech MX Master 2S (L) (R) (F)
  • Mouse Logitech Performance MX (F) (R)
  • Soundbar Sound Blaster Katana X (F) (C)
  • Subwoofer Sound Blaster Katana X (L) (R)
  • Logitech Speakers (L) (R) (F)x2
  • Samsung Keyboard
  • Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Keyboard Logitech G11 (Gaming)
  • Hard Disk WD (L) (R) (F)
  • Camera Bag (Open) (L) (R)
  • Camera Bag (Closed) (L) (R)
  • Camera Bag Nikon (L) (R) (F)
  • Nikkor Lens 18-105 mm (F)
  • Sigma Lens 10-24 mm (F)
  • Sigma Lens ART 85 mm (F)
  • Flash Cullmann CUlight FR60N (L) (R) (F)
  • Teleconverter Olympus
  • SD Card
  • Polarizing Filter
  • Handbag Calvin Klein (L) (R) (F)
  • Handbag Michael Kors (L) (R) (F)
  • Leather Handbag (For Women) (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Leather Handbag 2 (For Women) (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Leather Bag (For Men) (L) (R) (C)
  • Leather Briefcase (For Men ) (L) (R) (C)
  • Adidas Bag (Unisex) (L) (R) (C)
  • Leather High Heels (L) (R) (F)
  • Lacquered Heels (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Converse (L) (R) (F)
  • Brush (L) (R) (F)
  • Lipstick©
  • Nail Polish x4
  • Yellow Perfume with Spray-pear (L) (R) (F)
  • Purple Perfume
  • Blue Cold Perfume
  • Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge
  • Cosmetic Mirror (L) (R) (F)
  • Box for Jewelry (L) (R) (F)
  • Dumbbell (L) (F)
  • Two Dumbbell (F)
  • Fitness Mat (L) (R) (F)
  • Massage Roller (L) (R) (F)
  • Wall Clock©
  • Gold-black Desk Lamp (L) (R)
  • Decorative Table Lamp (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Chrome Lamp (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Table Lamp White (F)
  • Table Lamp Beige (F)
  • Tulips in Vase
  • Grass Pot
  • Haworthia
  • Lavender
  • Aloe Vera
  • Roses
  • Kalanchoe
  • Plant Viola Alpina
  • Plant Bonsai Fikus
  • Plant Dracaena Marginata
  • Plant Spathiphyllum
  • Plant Tillandsia Cyanea
  • Watering Can (L) (R) (F)
  • Glass of Pepsi
  • Glass of Coca Cola
  • Glass of Orange Juice
  • Tiramisu Dessert With Spoon
  • Cup of Tea©
  • Cup of Coffee (Black Coffee)
  • Cup of Coffee (White Coffee)
  • Glass of Wine
  • Glass of Whiskey
  • Carafe of Whiskey
  • Red Wine
  • Cognac Meukow
  • Monte Santi Smoothsecco Mimosa
  • TV Remote (L) (R) (F)
  • TV Remote Samsung Smart Control (L) (R) (F)
  • Remote Control SB X Katana (L) (R) (F)
  • Wristwatch (L)x2®x2
  • Glasses (Unfolded) (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Glasses (Folded) (L) (R) (F) (C)
  • Car Key (Unlocked)
  • Car Key (Locked)
  • Wooden Mannequin (L) (R) (F)
  • Wooden Mannequin With Pearls (L) (R) (F)
  • Lantern White (L) (R) (F)
  • Kerosene Lantern©
  • Roses (L) (F) (C)
  • Rose Petal x5
  • Mint in a vase
  • Flowers in Box (L) (R) (F)
  • Bouquet of flowers in a Pot
  • Blooming Twig in Vase
  • Blooming Twig in Vase 2
  • Swans
  • Silver Tray
  • Wicker Hearts
  • Mirror
  • Metal Dog (L) (R) (F)
  • Horse (L) (R) (F)
  • Horse Rearing Up (L) (R) (F)
  • Silver Frame (L) (R)
  • Candlestick Chalice©
  • Wooden Dog (F)
  • Artificial Flower in Vase©
  • Vase With Stems of Bamboo
  • Balloons©

18 Poster Frames (all combination – 108 frames + an infinite number of colors):

  • 50×70 Thick (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×70 Thin (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×70 Extra Thin (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×70 Thick (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×70 Thin (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×70 Extra Thin (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×50 Thick (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×50 Thin (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×50 Extra Thin (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×50 Thick (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×50 Thin (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 50×50 Extra Thin (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 30×40 Thick (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 30×40 Thin (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 30×40 Extra Thin (With Passe-partout) (C)
  • 30×40 Thick (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 30×40 Thin (Without Passe-partout) (C)
  • 30×40 Extra Thin (Without Passe-partout) (C)

(L) – Left position, (R) – Right position, (F) – Front position, (S) – Standing, (C) – Change Color

I am open for every suggestions. If you have any wishes according Scene Creator, do not hesitate to share them in comments or with the private message.

Update 1 AVAILABLE – 21.05.2017

Update 2 AVAILABLE – 02.08.2018

Update 3 AVAILABLE – 07.02.2020

Update 4 Coming Soon

Taknks! Maciej Zabiegała


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