Secret Agent Character

Secret Agent Character

Animations Preview:

Secret Agent in Vector.
Files Included: .AI, .CDR, .EPS, .PNG, .SCML (Spriter).
The Character and things were made in 1024×1024.

Character Animations (Pistol, Pistol Silencer, Rifle, Rifle Silencer, Shotgun):

- Idle, Walk, Run, Jump, Dizzy, Arms Dispair, Hurt, Dead.

Others Character Animations:

- Slide, Punch, Kick, Knife Attack, Answer Cell.

Car Animations:

- Accelerate, Accelerate Dispair, Accelerate Turbo, Accelerate Turbo Dispair,
Reverse, Reverse Dispair.

Airplane Animations:

- Accelerate, Accelerate Dispair.

Helicopter Animations:

- Accelerate, Accelerate Dispair

Secret Agent Things:

- Pistol, Pistol Silencer, Rifle, Rifle Silencer, Shotgun, Knife, Explosive,
Missile, Cell, Target 01, Target 02, Shot 01, Shot 01, Shoot.

Miscellaneous Things:

- Coin, Chest, Death, Heart, Key, Lightning, Magnetic, Meat, Star 01, Star 02,
Time, Ballons, Idea, Rage, Signals, Spit, Stars Dizzy, zZz, Potions, Precious Stones,
Smoke, Trophies.

Thank you!