Sehbal iPad Magazine Pages

Sehbal iPad Magazine Pages

SEHBAL iPad Magazine Template 11 Pages (v01)

SEHBAL is the sample name, you use your company name or changce

11 pages 1024×768 11 pages 768×1024 11 pages 2048×1536 11 pages 1536×2048

GENERAL INFORMATION Thank you for purchasing! I hope you enjoy the file. i am all ready online:

Everything should be pretty straight forward. I have tried to make the item as easy to use a possible. If you haveany problems please contact me through my Graphicriver profile page or my mail: and I will do my best to help.

The document contains a wide variety of different page layouts. All the paragraph styles are arranged into folders for each of the different resolutions and orientations, and I have tried to name them in a way that is pretty straight forward.

Due to the large amount of styles needed in a magazine like this, it may be hard to pick out which style is which from the paragraph pallette straight away. So I recommend you check what style I have used on the supplied layouts to see which style is used where.


This document uses free fonts. Fonts have been sourced from and are located in the ‘Fonts’ directory in the root of the downloaded file.

ALTERNATIVE LAYOUTS Each page layout comes with a portrait and landscape version for iPad and iPad Retina resolutions (so four different layouts in total, 11 pages ++).

I have used the alternate layout tool, which allows you to have multiple page sizes for one page within the same document (saves creating a new document for each page orientation and resolution).

The beauty of this setup is the text is linked across all the documents, so you can make a change to the text on one layout and apply it to all.

IDML file included CS4 and CS5 This document was designed in CS6. I have exported out an imdl fi le that works with CS4 and CS5. File name of this template starts with ‘CS5 and below…’

Photos All photos in this document were sourced from (Graphicriver another website). Links to each photo are placed down the sides of each page.

No photos are included with this document. I have supplied the vector social media icons, they are located in the work area

THANKS YOU AGAIN I’d love to see any work you produce with my template. You can view the rest of my portfolio at:

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Any questions please contact me through my Graphicriver profile page. or mail:

Happy designing!

Thanks All