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Well detailed icons, good job!

Thanks! I’m glad you liked them! :)

Great icons set! 8)

Thanks! :)

Nice icons – it would’ve been nice to have them grouped individually in photoshop.

Hi Rob. Thank you for purchasing my file. I will do an update these days with them grouped individually in photoshop as you suggested. Thanks! :)

Excellent! As soon as you release the update, I will rate 5/5 :)

very creative work mate :)

Thanks! :)

Hi, I am very interested in buying, but looking for some more data analysis elements. Can add a few more like a simple table grid etc,


Hi, I just want to make sure – all the other versions come with the same number of icons as the default (blue) version, is that right?

Hi, yes, all versions have the same number of icons. Thanks!

nice job! Thank you so much!

Hi! Thank you for purchasing my file! I’m glad I could help you. :)

Do these icons come in different sizes? I wouldn’t have time to re-size each.

Hello. The available size is 256×256 pixels. Thank you.

Very nice icons.

Thank you! :)

can you make social media network icons in the same style?

Hello. Can you send me an e-mail with more details about the icons you need? Thank you.

Great purchase! But I forgot to see if there where any contact icons in the badge, unfortunately they are not included. Now I need to search for contact icons which match with the style used in these internet maketing icons.

Any suggestions?


PS: By contact icons I mean contact us / request quote / live chat / call me back etc.

Hello. Thank you for purchasing the icons. Can you please send me an e-mail with your contact address?


hello, i noticed it has not been in the top seller in last yr, or any new updates,

Are you planning any updates to this, like any isometric icons, data, search landmarks, logistics etc?

Hi Smartgrid – we are releasing new icons all the time – check out my portfolio to see the latest designs.