Discussion on Shatter Glass Photoshop Action

Discussion on Shatter Glass Photoshop Action

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I just purchased this action and after i select the texture it stops. Saying select command not available. Seems like a broken action.


Please send me a fullscreen screenshot with your first error. My email address:


we have a german version of photoshop, does this really just work on english photoshop versions?

Hello! Yes, it works only in the English version. Here is tutorial How To Change Language To English In Photoshop:

Very unhappy with this action. Nowhere on the sales page does it say it will only work correctly on square photos. It is more like half an action. After it runs you have to spend a ton of time making adjustments to make it look right. Wish I had not wasted my money!

OK the author has assured me he will be correcting the errors. Despite all the extra work as is, it is actually a cool action. I photographed a model behind a broken window and then added this action. Came out very cool after I made all the adjustments

Hello sir, I have a problem with this action. After the action finished, my image had no reflection . I use CC. Please help. Thank you sir.

Hello, anhtuqh52! I made small video tutorial for you:

I hope this help?

Thank you sir so much. But why have this problem? Because my image size too small?

Is that the brushed object is not centered. Don’t worry about it, simply select reflection layer and use ‘free transform’ (hotkey Ctrl+T) to place it correctly.

Hello – i get right into the action being run and it stops on – The command “ZigZag” is not currently available…..I click on continue and it pops up again…I click on continue and it pops up again…I click on continue and it pops up again…then it finishes – what am I missing??

500 MB is a lot, send me a screenshot like this: Maybe it had something to do with a selected area… I’ll try to help.

Here man – here is the link to see whats happening

I tested your image (“brush” area – screen) – action runs without errors. Please make sure that the ZigZag command is available in your Photoshop version. And try reset Photoshop configuration.

To quickly reset Photoshop configuration, hold down Alt, Ctrl, Shift (for PC) or Command, Option, Shift (for Mac) while starting up Photoshop. When a window appears, agree to the steps, restart Photoshop, and run the action. If you still get an error, try running the action with a different photo.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, please upload your PSD file with your original photo and “brush” layer on GoogleDrive and send me the link. I will find out the exact cause of the error and help you with the action.

Hello, I followed the directions and video and my top layer is named “brush” as specified. However, when I run the action, after I select I get a pop up message that says “The command “Select” is not currently available.”

If I click “okay” it still runs the action, but repeats this pop up frequently. If I continue to ignore it, the actions finish but the glass is just gray shapes and doesn’t look much different than the original texture. How can I get this to run uninterrupted like in your video?

Oh, I got it figured out. My background layer wasn’t named “Background”. Works awesome. Thanks!

After creating the Brush layer above the background layer and making a selection I am unable to get past yhe part of the Action that selects the glass image layer. I keep getting the error message: The Object “Layer “Brush”” is not currently available. If I select continue, I get a long stream of simialr errors ending in a black screen. Can you help please?

Hello, jmackaill! The layer called ‘brush’ must be all lowercase.

Thank you.

Way too complicated for the average user. Been using Photoshop for 15 years. Worked with this unsuccessfully for half an hour and then deleted.

I bought the shatter glass action it works but it want but the reflection on the glass… yes I know about the brush! Its not that.. What am I doing wrong? help!”

Hello janiced. Thank you for purchasing. Layers with reflections is a layers: 1,2,3,4. You can hide them, transform or use the eraser to edit.

You can also watch the video demonstration:

sorry, I failed in make fill layer :S

Hello! I don’t see “Purchased” icon near with your nickname. Please write me from account which item was purchased. Thank You!

Cool action :shocked:. But I saw problem for zigzag in one computer its going out of frame

Hello! I don’t see “Purchased” icon near with your nickname. Please write me from account which item was purchased. Thank You!

My 1st action off here that has not worked for me. Run your action by selecting «Shatter Glass» action and clicking play in the Actions Panels. After the action has started, a window will open asking you to select one of the textures that came with the download. Select texture and press «Place». Now move / scale or rotate the texture over your image and press «Enter» to accept it and then the action will continue. Does not continue ‘it says brush layer not available’.? I did everything per tutorial and watched video I buy actions all the time from here 1st one that has not worked for me. did you leave something out? any help

The link above is broken, here is example:

Thanks its working now Great ANT


Do you have links for the demonstration images ?

Hello! They are must be on my work pc. But you can find most of them with google:

WOW!!! Amazing result! :shocked:


Great action! Added to my favs :)

Thank You!

it looks really great ;) GL

Thank You, n2n44!


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