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Great work! Good Luck with Sales! ;)

Thank you :) good luck on your items too :)


Thanks dude!

Fantastic.. :)

:) thank you for appreciation

Hi there,

well…it might be a strange question….I am audiojungle author and don’t have a clue of graphics:)....but….this looks great…but what is it for? I really don’t understand how to use it….it looks so cool, I would love I could use it somehow:)...

Cheers from cloudy Hamburg! KA

Hi Kenaudio and thank you for your interest :) this pack was made primarily for building web apps upon it. This could range from sign-up, register forms, different widgets for plying back audio or video and so on… but this is only the design concept for it, the idea was to include as many graphical user interfaces or may better said web user interfaces as you would need (or at least I could think of) to start building a web app

Have a nice day :)

Good one Tommie! :D Good luck w sales! :)

Thank you :) wish you the same! :D

Very nice UI. I am curious, have you ever collaborated with any developers to combine the UI with jquery.

No I did not at this time, due to lack of time. But I would love to see any of my work as a working UI :)

Great package, working great with my jQuery UI theme. Thanks :)

Thank you and glad you made out something of it :) maybe you could show me a real life implementation of it ;)

Hi, great UI, but I cannot load the aco swatches. Plus, I believed I’d found the colored icons above as well.

Hi, and thank you for buying my file :) so I tried to open the .aco file from the package you have downloaded and it works (with CS5). It is a color file so it should appear in swatches panel. As the icons from the top of the preview image, they are not included as they are not part of the file :)

It’s a pity the icons are not included. I uploaded the .aco file the way it should be but nothing happens. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

You can double click too on the file and it should appear in the swatches panel. write me a mail from my profile page and I will send you the icons :)

Owwwoo.. Awesome Work You have Done… !!!

Here I also tried to make something http://graphicriver.net/item/alarm-application-user-interface-design/14263350