Shower Curtain Mockup

Shower Curtain Mockup

We have created not only a realistic mockup of the shower curtain, but also a detailed image of a modern bathroom, so that it is easier for you to showcase amazing presentations of your design. The integrated 3d object allows you to apply your design for a shower curtain as realistically as possible, taking into account all the curves and unevenness of the fabric.

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS6 2012 – 2021 (22.4.x)

Product includes:

  • 3 psd with scenes of the shower curtain in the bathroom (open, half open and close);
  • instructions.txt (with links to video-tutorials);
Editable elements:
  • shower curtain color and design;
  • elements color (rod, grommets, rings);
  • stitching color;
  • highlights;
  • shadows;
  • Patterns and designs used in previews are not included in product;
  • Since version of Photoshop 22.5. 3D features are being discontinued. To work with this mockup, you should use Photoshop version СС 2013 – 2021 (22.4.x);

    Have any questions? Let us know.

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