Sketch Mix 87 Photoshop Actions

Sketch Mix 87 Photoshop Actions

sketch mix bundle
make your art from your images,this bundle will help to make unlimited art.

with 80 actions that will create art layer from original image
just play some of this actions and change blend mode for this that will make art.
easy to use this actions ,easy to edit ,and fast .

And with 7 mix actions that will make mix for layer actions
and will make different art ,and will add color options.
This 7 mix actions will show to you how this technique work.

Files Included:

  • Sketch Mix action .atn
  • How to use? .pdf
  • Guide .pdf

With how to use will help you to make your first art step by step.
And Guide pdf file contain 80 thumbnail images for 80 actions
that will help you to choose your needed action.

If you have any problems or for any questions
please contact at

If you have any improvement ideas for this bundle we love to share with us.

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