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This is by far one of the most well documented items on GraphicRiver! Well worth the money!

Great work on this one Coleb ;)

Thanks for reviewing and purchasing my item! I appreciate your support and kind words. Btw, I read your ebook and found it very helpful.

Amazing! Purchased, tweeted and bookmarked to Impeccable ;)

Thanks :)

Thanks, PixusDesign!

Awesome! :)

Thanks, Leon!

Woah, three of the best GraphicRiver authors bought this product. Patrik, Pixus, Quickandeasy.. that makes this product even more awesome than it already was! :D

Thanks Coleb!

Thank you, quickandeasy!

Beautiful. Well done, Coleb!

Thanks, greedybrown!

Thanks, RafaelOliveira!

Just noticed a typo – triple T Double-check it. My eyes hurt :(

Twittter or is it just me?

I still don’t see it. Where in the preview is the “Twittter”?

It’s in the thumbnail.

Nice and easy too use, however it hasn’t been upgraded to new Twitter profile..