Discussion on Sleman Clean Proposal Template

Discussion on Sleman Clean Proposal Template

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hai.. how i can convert to docx from indesign, or how i can customize the header in indesing.? thanks

Hi, you can’ t convert indesign to docx. You can customize the header (indesign) in the master page section

Two of the font file links within the help don’t seem to be working. Assuming this “Nevis” is the same, here is another link for the download.

And here is a link for Open Sans.

Hope this helps. Andrew

many thanks for your attention! I will fix it as soon as possible

I’m not able to edit the wording in Microsoft Word. I can only delete entire sections. Is there any directions on how to change the content in Word?

Fisrt you must ungroup all elements in the page. Select an element in the page, right click – grouping – ungroup then you can delete or change element that you want

Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing this template for a university assessment – I need to around 33 pages plus I would need to attach a appendix to the back. I would like to add things in my a resource histogram, budgets,a customisable timeline, graphs, word art etc is this possible to alter the template this much? Are there any other templates that would be more suitable for this?

Hi, I have done some changes on using in-design adobe. How can I convert it to word document so I can start updating the texts?

Indesign cannot be converted to word document so in the package there are 2 format files; indesign and Ms word. So if you want update your document with MS Word, just open the docx or doc files n the package

Hi, how can I use another free font?

Just install it before ope the file and then change manually when you open the file

Hi – I can’t seem to edit the text boxes in the master pages. As soon as I start to replace the web address, email or phone number in the header, the text disappears and the text box gets a little red + sign. I know there isn’t too much text overflowing the box, because the text disappears as soon as I start to type. Suggestions? Thanks!

Hello there, I have a question: Is it possible to add multiple pages, or are these pages the ones you have and you can not copy past them for example?

How to adjust the position or size of each “text box” (sorry i dunno what’s the exactly name called” Example the first page: “your company” if i type longer than that, it will not auto extend the “box” to longer at the same line but go to another line, but the tagline will disappear from there too. Or if i want to reposition any text, i also no idea how to do it. Cause if i move either one of the text box, the whole page text move together.

Please let me know how to create the small individual “text box” in each page or what is the name exactly called then i can google find the answer myself.

problem solved

Hello – All of the text boxes have text in white and pink backgrounds. How do I remove that?

please take screenshots of your dekstop when opening the file and send them to my email

Sent. Thanks!

Before open the files, you must install the required fonts (links to download on the hel file or below the image preview)

Hi, How do you edit the cover page text and background shape?

I’ve ungrouped the many layer of grouping, but all the text boxes seem to be connected still and I can’t edit the area where with website, email and phone number.

You can edit it in the header & footer section (MS Word) or in the master page section (Indesign)

Hi. Just purchased you template and its awesome! One problem, when i convert the file to the latest version of Word, it distorts the layout. Can you assist?

When I try to insert an image in the docx format its asking me to convert the entire doc to enable the feature. This messes with the entire layout. Please advise.

I purchased the license and have a Pay Pal receipt but I don’t know how to access this proposal template. Can you give me directions?

Just open your download page area and download it


Is it possible edit files with Google Docs and OpenOffice?


Not recommended to open with that software, the files maybe can be opened but the layout maybe change a lot & hard to be edited

Wow just awesome design . I love it ….

I agree with andyslete, the Nevis font link in both the help pdf and on the page are both no longer working.

Edit: you can find it here –

very thanks for your link mate! :D

Hi Can i reverse is and use this in RTL language? (Hebrew)

sorry it can’t

Hi, the link for the font nevis is wrong, would you help with the new link please?


Sorry for the missing links, i just updated the link so you can download it again

Great template, it has worked out great for my Word document. Obviously, Word isn’t the easiest to work with when it comes to graphics, but this template is great if you want a generally well styled document and want to incorporate a lot of the “widgets”. Thanks!


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