Smart Black & White Colorization

Smart Black & White Colorization

A powerful and professional photoshop add-ons actions for black and white colorization, colorize black and white in no time with professional results.


Colorizing black, white and gray is a tricky thing to do, this is a tool for easy, fast and reliable B/W colorization, that will give accurate colorization and professional results.

Main Features

  • 9 Photoshop Actions.
  • Replace Blacks, Whites and Grays with any color.
  • Accurate and Enhanced Colorization.
  • Fast and Easy Recoloring.
  • 3 Colorization Styles – (vivid, normal, direct).
  • Intelligent Selection Detection – actions will work on a selection so that you can colorize selections only, if no selection was made the actions will work on the full image.
  • Smart Actions – independent on layers names, works on a multi-layer or single layer, works on any layer anywhere.
  • Safe Actions – original layer will not be replaced.

Included Actions

    Action Suitable for
1    Blacks Colorization – Vivid Black grades or dark colors
2 Blacks Colorization – Normal Black grades or dark colors
3 Blacks Colorization – Direct Black grades or dark colors
4 Whites Colorization – Vivid White grades or light colors
5 Whites Colorization – Normal     White grades or light colors
6 Whites Colorization – Direct White grades or light colors
7 Grays Colorization – Vivid Gray grades or low saturation colors
8 Grays Colorization – Normal Gray grades or low saturation colors
9 Grays Colorization – Direct Gray grades or low saturation colors

Each action is optimized for it’s color range. (example: If you want to replace any gray color use “Gray Colorization” actions)

Colorization Styles

Colorization styles give different results that can be suitable for different situations:

Vivid: gives enhanced reflections and details
Normal: gives more natural colors
Direct: gives simple and flat coloring

How to use

  1. Set replacement colour as foreground colour.
  2. Select the proper action and click play button.
  3. A dialogue will appear asking you to pick the colour you want to replace, use eyedropper to pick any color from your image.

The B/W color you selected using eyedropper will be replaced with the colour you set in foreground.

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