Smartphone Trifold

Smartphone Trifold

Modern, Corporate, Detailed, Professional, Clean & Amazing!


  • Promotes your mobile products of your company, the design of this brochure is adapted to any mobile phone.
  • General description of the phone model.
  • Includes a full detailed table of technical specifications.
  • Service plan, a table where you can add the terms of service.
  • Featured details of the phone.

Fonts used are free

How to edit tables?

  1. Make sure you have installed the fonts this template needs.
  2. There are 2 Excel 2007 files, one for the service plan, and one for the technical specifications of the phone, you just need to open and update the information for your product, now save and close Excel documents.
  3. InDesign must recognize that the Excel files have been updated, now go to the links panel and update the .XLSX files marked in yellow with the symbol ”!”.

Note 1: make sure not change the width of the columns in the Excel files.

Note 2: you can edit the tables directly in InDesign, but remember, it’s easier modify table styles in Excel, and this InDesign file is made to respect the Excel styles.

How to change background theme?

Relink the two files called BG_DARK.jpg, go to your Links folder and choose any of those files:

BG_BLUE.jpg     BG_CYAN.jpg     BG_DARK BLUE .jpg     BG_EMERALD.jpg     BG_GREEN.jpg     BG_MAGENTA.jpg     BG_ORANGE.jpg     BG_PINK.jpg     BG_PURPLE.jpg     BG_RED.jpg     BG_VIOLET.jpg     BG_YELLOW.jpg

Image used are free for non-commercial

  • HTC EVO 4G (created by ZANDOG )

* You can contact the author of the image of the phone you see in the preview, the layered PSD file is free, but for commercial purposes you must pay a license provided by the author.

Minimum version required

  • InDesign CS3 or higher

* Logos & images of the preview are not included.

* Pictures of this design are converted to CMYK using “ CMYK Automate”, the best way to optimize your print workflow.