Smoke Clouds Photoshop Action

Smoke Clouds Photoshop Action



Action generates colorful smoke clouds around your photo. Make your photo smoky, cinematic, epic!

  • 19 color options.
  • Different colors of smoke, particles.
  • All effects are in separated layers.
  • Layers are grouped. Easy navigation
  • You can remove or correct any effect.
  • Your photo will remain intact.
  • Just brush your photo and play the action.

    You can name the brush layer by any name. This is a handy feature. Now you do not need to memorize the specific name for the brush layer.

    Action saves your original image. All effects are placed in separeted folders.

  • All results in one file
  • Organized folder structure
  • Easy navigation
  • How it works

  • 1. Open your image
  • 2. Brush area
  • 3. Click PLAY
  • What you get:
  • ATN – file with action
  • ABR – file with brushes
  • HELP – PDF file with detailed insyructions

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