Smoke Photoshop Action - Smoke Effect Creator Action

Smoke Photoshop Action - Smoke Effect Creator Action

Video Tutorial

Click on the picture above to watch video for detailed instructions on how to use this action

Smoke Photoshop Action – Smoke Creator Action

Use your photo and turn it into Smokey look in moments.You just need one click… Enhance your photo by applying this action and create awesome smoke photo effects in few minutes. This Action is perfect for flyer designs,invitation designs for partys,posters,movie posters and anything else that you need smoke effect on… Don’t waste your time, just use this action and it will do the job for you in no time. Once action is completed you can turn on/off background color , turn on/off every layer and play with adjustments . You can brush out the areas that you don’t want effect on via layer mask usign action brushes, change color of every layer so you can create multiple color design,scale and move every layer and create amazing results ...

Only for English Version

This action will work ONLY IN THE ENGLISH VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP . If you are not in the English version watch this video to help you change it to English version : Click Here

Guaranteed results

Deatiled instructions provided in Help folder in Main file.


Action is tested on many different pictures to make sure there’s no errors


Action works best on pictures that are GREATER THAN 3500 px

Action may not produce best results on pictures LESS than 2500 px

Save time

This and all my other actions are designed and written to save your time. How this action will save my time? To recreate this look on your own you will need to spend at least 1-2 hours, but with this action these results are done in no more than 5 minutes!

Purpose of my actions is to be most efficient in delivering best results in least time possible…

It’s super easy to edit if you don’t like the results that action gave you. Watch Video Tutorial below to learn how to edit action in order to edit action your way !

Combine Actions

You can combine this action with my other actions. How do you combine ? It’s pretty simple:

1. Open picture and play first action

2. After first action is completed , save that as a picture

3. Open that picture

4. Play another action

5. Enjoy!

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