Smoky! the EPIC Product KIT

Smoky! the EPIC Product KIT

Smoky EPIC Product KIT (01/14/2013)

Have you found that your 3D product doesn’t stand out from your competitor’s? If so, this kit will make your 3D product box look awesome! Another surprise for your clients; it’s just $8!

  • Build your product an epic look with 16 pieces of high resolution png(6000×4800).
  • Super easy to APPLY in your 3D box.
  • 100% transparent.
  • It’s Colorable! (Suggest use adjustment layer.)
  • Fits any of your 3D box.

See how it works in photoshop:

Youtube Video

Note: This item is all about the smoke, not a 3D box creator.


  • 16 high resolution png files for you to mock up a Smoky 3D Box product look.
  • A psd file with 16 smoke layers in 2 demo groups and you can see in this preview.


  1. Open your 3D product box file in Photoshop, File>Place the png smoke files which you would like to apply in you 3D product box.(The png files were designed in integrable.)
  2. Select all smoke layers and scale/move it to fit your box size/dimension.(original smake layer was 6000×4800)
  3. Do anything you want to fit your 3D box style. You may need to flip it in horizontal or vertical way for your 3D box direction, or even color it by using adjustment layer.
  4. Adding layer mask to hide/show parts of smoke to make it reasonable.
  5. You can see 2 demos in the psd file.


  • If you have purchased it, tell me if I can improve anything, technique, Smoke cruves.
  • Feel free to ask me anything about this item before purchase!
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