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Great poster Minkki! I love your sport flyers! Great job as always!

Wow, how quick you were! :)) Thank you veeery muuuch, sweetie! >:D<

Thank you, Blin! :P

can the euromania text be changed (fe in euro cup or something else?)?

Of course! :) All the text is editable – you can change the title, the bar information, the football teams, the text color, everything! All you have to do is to download and install the fonts that I used (they are listed on the item page and also in a text document included in the zip file)

Thank you, Mike! :)

Footieeee!! :D Once again Amazing Work! MINI -KKI :p

Thank youuuu, baby!! You’re such a bon-bon!! Muaah :)

Great design! Once I download the file, do I need a special program to edit the flyer? Sorry I am a novice.

Hei! :)

Thank you very much for your purchase! I’m glad you like it! :)

You need Photoshop to edit the file. If you don’t have the program, I’ll edit it for you! Please leave me your email

Ok thanks, I sent you an email through your profile, hope you got it and would love your help.

Yep, got it. I just responded back :P

This template makes me go and watch some soccer haha.

Great design Minkki! Well detailed and easy to edit. Good luck with the sales. :)

So sweet and funny!! :)) Thank you for the beautiful comment, artbreeze! :)

Can the flags be changed ? If yes, how ?

There are no flags in this flyer! :) You posted the comment on the wrong page! :P