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Next top selling item :) Good luck!

Thank you so much my friend, I really appreciate it :)

Nicely done bro, GLWS ;)

Thanks Bro !

nice work, awesome :)

Thanks a lot EricProchnow !

Great template! I would like to know if there is a keynote version available of this presentation?

I am currently working on it , the keynote version of this presentation will be available soon. Thanks :)

Amazing :) Great Work :)

Thanks :)

Thanks friend :)

I really love this, but need it customized to my company’s color palette. Is that possible?

Yes it’s Possible and it’s very easy, just by simple click you can do that ! If purchased, I will help you with this, if needed.
Thank you for your interest. I’m really glad that you like it :)

Thank you for responding so quickly! I’m about 3 weeks away from working on this project. I’ll be in touch then!! Have a great weekend… ~k

Thanks GPBKAT ! You are welcome :)

First off – I love it! Nice work!

But, I can’t seem to get PowerPoint to default the language back to ENGLISH? I’ve tried everything? Any help?

(I’m using PowerPoint on Mac)

Hi ebwaydev,
Thank you very much for buying my item and for your kind comment.
The language issues may due to several factors (Languages configured on your system, Microsoft Office program language , Language options selected by the user, used versions of Powerpoint ..).
This can be treated by several methods (Language settings, usages of Macro tools, Adding a Language pack, updating the powerpoint Version ..) depending on the type of problem.
Here are some Tips, that can help:
  • The default language setting for Word, Excel and PowerPoint is controlled by Microsoft Word. Quit PowerPoint. Open Word, and then choose Tools > Language select English and then click the Default button. Quit Word. When you open PowerPoint, the language should now be English
If not
  • This issue can occur when you have more than one input language configured on your Machine, so I advice you to Remove All Additional Keyboard Layouts.
Please do not hesitate to contact me by mail via my profile page if the problem exists and you need more informations. Thanks !

Hi, is it possible to replace the icons but keep all the animations that are set for the image?

Hi Jdingers,
First I want to thank you for buying my item.
Regarding your question, unfortunately this features works automatically only with images (Right click on the picture and choose Change Picture from the shortcut menu.), But not with the vector icons as its the case.
You can just do it manually by opening the animation tab, locate the layer of the icon to replace, insert the new icon, adjust it, and then apply the desired animation to it in the same way of the old one, respecting the chronological order compared to the other elements of the slide.

Does this template contains VBA scripts or objects?

Hi vazotov,
No VBA scripts or objects is integrated, it’s created using only the default powerpoint tools. Thanks !

Sorry for this simple question, but what is the easiest way to make a presentation based on this template? I would ideally be able to copy&paste what I need from your presentation to a new one, but I can’t figure out how to start a new presentation based on this one. If I select File – New from template, it opens this template with all pages. I am not able to open it twice (to clean one file and copy only what I need from the other). Any advice on how to best use the template is welcome.

Its simple, You have just to :
1. Duplicate the PPT file before opening it on powerpoint (copy/paste it).
2. Rename the second one with any other different name ( i.e “your business name”), like that you will be able to open the file twice on powerpoint, edit the new duplicated, and keep the original copy without any modifications.
3. Edit the new, ( i.e “your business name”) presentation, based on your needs, you can also Select > copy/paste any graphics, diagram, text…etc. from any slide of presentation “A” (Original), to the Main presentation “B” ( i.e “your business name”).
Hoping that this will make sense ! In any case if you need more help you can contact me by email via my profile page ( fill the contact form), I will be very happy to help you.
Thank you very much for buying my item. I wish you good success with it :)

Being one of the users of this template, I love to see an updated version where you keep (do not alter) the way Powerpoint indent bullet points (the size and indenting does not make sense now – the usual way is more and more indent and smaller and smaller text size, not “mix&match”), and where you keep a page template, meaning you can insert a new slide and have a standard background and header. As for now, it is to difficult to use in real life. It looks good in the “demo”, but when adding your own text and data, it is to much work having it as the “default” template for each new presentation. I guess it works if you are going to make just one presentation and are prepared for the work, but without an update I will look for a template adhering more to the Powerpoint way of doing things.

Hi torb,
Thank you for purchasing my item, I really appreciate your feedback.
If this can make a real gap for the presentation use, I will consider it, and I will make the required updates. But before, I need to understand more your idea.
Can you Please specify,what do you need exactly as an update ? because,I think you can easily restore the powerpoint default text or bullet points models by referring to the master slides and no need to make any updates from my part.