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Great presentation :)

Glad you like it ! Thanks a lot adriandragne ;)

It’s great design! Very useful template!

Thanks a lot my friend ;)

Nice work! This looks great!

Big thanks Teela. You too have a great portfolio here !

no offense dude… but this name similar with my social media presentation… be creative!! #youlostanidea?

Do not be envious, the names are not confined to any one, the website is full of similar names, we must accept the concurrency on the market, the success comes through work and not with those comments that seek to advertise indirectly, no similarity between my work and your work, even the name of the item is different, everyone here can judge on that.
Even, Stop making comments of this type to hit my item. if not I will make a spam claims to Envato the team.

Man, i didnt need advertisement and i can put my item’s links anywhere, no mean to hit your items… it’s about originality… On my social media presentation preview image was noticed Socialita, then i saw your item name and preview image ‘Sociallita’... Off course, anyone can judge which is the original idea…?


1.If you don’t need to advertise, so you can write me on my email via my profile if you have any problem. why insist to write on my item?
2. Pay attention “Sociallita” differs from “Socilita”
3. The name “Socilita” you speak about is not the name of your item, it’s just words written on your preview image.
4. Try to write the word “Socialita” or “Sociallita” on Google or Wikipedia, and count how many it gives search result. Are they all inspired from your preview image or what?
5. The word “Sociallita” or “Socialita” is an universal word. if you ask me not to use it so I ask you not to use the word “Social media” or even the word “Fahmy” for example because it’s used by other third parties.
6. We work Here in a community, why you take things as sensitive as that ? I see no copyright problem here.

Dude… I send you an email but no respose… That’s why I wrote here… Please read carefully not socilita but mine SOCIALITA yours SOCIALLITA … You said it is differs? Is it original idea when you take other designers idea? I tell you here there million idea naming for social media… Socialshare, socialview, besocial, netsocial, socialconnect, socialslider, should I tell you more?

What idea or originality you talking about? the core of the work is original and different, the term which you speak about is a simple universal word used everywhere.
I think I have not made a crime by using a word like that (plus it’s well different I insist on this), you have misunderstood things. you must not make the barriers to creativity.
It’s useless to make such sabotage. “Sociallita powerpoint template” is the name of my item. the name of your item is “Social Media Presentation Template” and it’s totally different.
Everyone is supposed to use the word “Socialita” you can not possess this term, knowing that mine is different, it’s “Sociallita” with double “L”.
If you want to possess the term, ask to the 321.000 google results on the use of the word to change it, then come back to me. but it is always different.
To your knowledge “Socialita” is Italian word that mean sociality.

you can keep arguing… i did a research before designing my social media presentation on GR, tell me where did you get idea before designing this file? let me guess…

Haha … so you do research before you use it? and you know it is already used? So why did you use on your preview image despite it is used by other parties? if any of those 321,000 users on google will write you and ask you why use it, what would be your answer?
Believe me, this similarity between two words is by chance, in fact I have not paid attention to the use of the word in your preview image, that after your comment. I have already two items with names in the same effect sonor and ending with the letter “A” that are “Illustra Powerpoint Template” and “Graphika powerpoint template”. So I wanted to just continue in the same style of writing, and I thought to the name “Sociallita” neither more nor less.

man… please read carefully… I did research on GR mean none was made social media presentation, i’m the first one designed on this style, that’s the original idea and concept… see another presentation before mine, there are none… so tell me where did you get idea before designing this file? if you are good designer you’ll respect another designers idea…

God gives us the inspiration, not fahmyzone ;)

Hi Every Body ;)

I like the Item and the discussion too :D so my friends we are here to create great work and not to spend our time to fetch similar files, me too I have some idea used other users but we must accept concurrency here and good luck for all My friends.

My point of view is the two items is different in Design and content just a little similarity in the name used in the presentation.

So, Good luck for you too and we wait more Good items and inspiration.

Best regards, BaGeRa.

Exactly !
Very significant. Thank you for the comment BaGeRa, and Good luck for all :)

I love it! and just purchased, but having issue downloading the file…

The download stopped at 9.00mb 3 times in a row.. can you please send it via email please?


Hi mccaffilippc,
Thank you very much for buying my item!
The ZIP file is large, it can not be supported by an email because it exceeds the size allowed for attachments.
The problem may be due to the low flow of internet conection on your PC, or a temporary problem on the server, you can try again by changing your browser or to access from another machine.
If the problem still exists, please do not hesitate to contact me looking for an alternative solution. Thank you for your understanding !


This is “unbelievably” similar to my blog design http://www.tutoriart.com.br, including elements like the clouds and colors. Anything to say about it?

Hi Daniel,
This is the first time I visited your blog and the similarity lies in the use of a same background, neither more nor less, probably we have used the same resources by accident: (Vintage Paper Textures Vol. 1).
Try to imagine your website with a different background? it certainly becomes completely different.
Thanks !

I’ve purchased it, nice work !

Thank you for your encouragement. Glad you like it !
C’est trop gentil de votre part. trés apprécié. Merci Beaucoup :)

Are the elements in vector format so they can be resized without loss of quality?

Hi katandmouse,
Bubbles are resizable on both Powerpoint and Photoshop.
Icons and other ellements, can be resized only with Photoshop: Layered PSD files (All based on shapes).
Thanks !

I bought this template. Overall good but it has a one very annoying problem. It is designed by default to be used for French users. I have tried to turned of Language “French” and make it English (U.S.) but for some reason, even after adding English (U.S.) it continue to use French as a default. I would like if you remove this language checker and let me people use whatever they like.

Hi unmeshsheth,
Thank you so much for buying my item !
I’ m very sorry for the problem.
The language issue is a bit complicated here, because it due to several factors (the default language of the operating system, The Microsoft Office version and it’s language, Language options selected by the user..)
I will try to identify the failure, work on this for my next items to optimize the result on this side and avoid this problem in the future.


Why is it when I click on the slide show the graphics are shaking? is it because I am using mac?

Hi giansim,
I don’t understand exactly your issue. Can you send me a private message via email with an overview of the problem, order to solve it, anyway I invite you to try it on a PC and compare the result.

Hi, is there a Keynote version of this presentation?

Hi rossteacher03,
YES there is a Keynote Version of this presentation, Here is the link