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Where did you get the red and black segmented image from as i have looked everywhere to purchase it for my project. Cheers.

hello – i wasn’t active here at GR for some times – so cudn’t replied you back earlier – do you still need assistance with this item? if so please mail me to scorpy.roy at google’s email service. cordially sorry for any inconvenience.

I take it the box, the cd and the soft bound book are all that is in the file, correct? In other words there’s no way to add another cd / cd’s, spiral bound book, etc… to what you have here.


place your content inside smart objects, then alt-click the group visibility to show only the group containing either cd, case or book including its shadow – then export as png.

do this for other set of contents, then open pngs inside a new photoshop doc and assemble as per your choice.

if you need something custom or want to customize existing design, i am open for freelancing and you can communicate me through my den page

bought this.

really great!

hi chanclarito, thanks for supporting me – wish you all the best.

Using CS3 and the box and manual don’t track properly. Any suggestions?

well the set was created in cs4 and there is some issue regarding smart objects in older version of ps like cs3, some other guys have also reported me the same problem.


I just purchased this. It really is great looking. I just have a question. Will this applicable when I actually print the box, manual cover and dvd? Cheers

hello gimpdrinks,

thanks for buyingmy file,

actually this presentation is intended for screen purpose only, that’s why it has been created in rgb.

if you wish to print the presentation, then you may have to change the color mode to cmyk and additionally – to optimise the print you need to change all ‘color dodge’ to ‘screen’ and ‘color brurns’ to ‘multiply’. additionally you may need to change ‘pure blaacks’ to cmyk black – i.e. 0,0,0,0 and pure white to cmyk white – 100,100,100,100.

on the other hand you may just export the presentation in tiff / cmyk jpeg in your intended dimension and then you may color correct it in ps opening and converting the document in cmyk – and then you can print it.

thanks again for buying my file and contacting me.


This is by far the best graphic purchase ive made. This will serve me for a long time to come.

The included action files really take the cake. Amazing job – i will look for more of your work.

thank you very much for buying my file. it is really very nice to see my efforts in action.

definitely i will always try my best to integrate aesthetics with technology.

Perfect! And I love the twinkle of light on the CD edge. :) Keep them coming!

it is my pleasure that you liked this one. thank you trisha

WOW ! Really slick!

thanks stehan. i am trying my best.

Thank you Scorpy! :)

very good – as usual

These are soooooooooo good! :O

Please make more Software Box designs like these. These are amazing. I’ll purchase these before the weekend! I’m so glad it includes the Action set (makes life so much easier!) Well done, Scorpy! :)


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