Discussion on Softhand Script

Discussion on Softhand Script

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Lovin’ it!! :D Great work on this!!

Thanks, Patrik!

Awsome work! I love it.

Great font! We’re considering buying this for our graphic design projects at A&H! Thanks so much!

Thanks! It’s a great compliment coming from someone with probably the best set of fonts on graphicriver.

I don’t have much too say… this font is perfect!

I really like this font but I find that its not as smooth when used in firefox as the screen shots show it to be. Im pretty bummed because that and that it would look good in smaller sizes were the selling point for me.

mac os x

Could you share the screenshot so that I can try and figure out what might be wrong? You can send me a message with the link to the screenshot from my profile page at

Are the following Special-Characters includet:

ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü, ß

If not, it´s useless for german language.

All the best, Julian!

All of characters are included, except for ß. If you can suggest some other characters that you think are critical, I can include those (and this one) and release an update to the font.

Hi Abogawat,

that´s nice to hear. For germany, the letter “ß” is critical also. Only lower-case, it is not existing as upper-case. Then you got all important german special-characters.

By the way: I would suggest you to include them in the preview/descripiton. The reason is simple: I got so many fonts that I can´t use because of missing special-characters, I always look for them BEFORE I buy a font.

I didn´t expect them in the font, because even under “Special Characters” they where not listed. Including them could maybe raise your sales a little bit. ;-)

All the best, Julian!

Hi Julian. I just updated the font to include that character. Should be live in some time. I will update the description to mention the increment to v1.1 once it is live.

The update is live now. All the characters you mentioned are now included in the font.

Excellent and perfect font!

Very Nice , So Creative :)